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Full Version: Relocating to Austin. Tips?
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Been car living in TN for a year and am relocating to Austin soon. Any locals know good spots to park? How are the cops?

I'd prefer s/w near Bastrop if you can.
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Freecampsites doesn't show anything very close to Bastrop!Bastrop,+TX,+United+States

There was a member who offered her place.Can't remember if it was SA or Austin. I'll see if I can find the thread

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She hasn't visited the forum since 2015. she may get notifications of PMs or replies to the thread in her email
here's the thread. she is (or was) in Austin
I was visiting a buddy in north Austin a few months ago and found this spot: 30.42851, -97.78158  (paste coordinates into Google Maps). It's a power relay or whatever back down a small dirt road in some trees. You'll have shade and a little cover / privacy from passing drivers and homeowners. It's probably best to use this spot just to sleep. But in my case, I killed an afternoon there waiting for my buddy and his wife to get back from work, and no one hassled me. It was quiet, peaceful, and shady.
I never boondocked in Austin, and I haven't lived there in 10 years or so
When last I was there, you would want to hide yourself, or driveway surf, the cops liked to 'move folks along'
When I was living in my car, I would sleep at truck stops and spend my days in the library if I wasn't working
There used to be a truckstop in Budda you could sleep in a vehicle at
As Art said, Austin cops are not known to be the warm, fuzzy type of cops. I think a lot of it has to do with the thousands of students going to UT. Worst case scenario is to ask a cop where might be a safe place to crash for a while. It's worked for me in the past, not in Austin tho, never tried it there.

Good luck. Rob