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Full Version: When to Use Rust Encapsulator VS. Rust Converter
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New blog on the Eastwood site does a nice breakdown of use scenarios for two basic methods of dealing with automotive rust: Encapsulation and Conversion.

When to Use Rust Encapsulator VS. Rust Converter

I presume they want to sell Eastwood products, but it's not a "ours is better" piece at all. There's actually mention of a third product, Rust Remover, and I'm not really certain what that is, even after reading the description and some of the questions... Fast Etch
Great link!
Maybe because the used a VW Beetle engine lid in the opening photograph?

Don't know if you're familiar with this site but they are the hands-on experts with everything rust.

I've read several posts on Eastwood products there and like most options, you can only slow down the rusting process either chemical or use the cut and replace method.
I've never tried Eastwood rust products, so I cant speak to them, but I personally only use rust converters, and the such is when I want to keep the area together and not let it get any worse until I can cut the area out and weld in new metal.

In my Ford RV, I had to wire brush the area under the RV battery and cover it up in rust converter for the meantime until I can have the time to rebuild the entire area out of sheetmetal. (Its bad. Parts of the front side of the driver wheel well is very "holey")