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Found this by accident, wasn't really looking for it, but it looked interesting.  Don't really know how well it works, haven't tried it, yet.

"Mouse Free's unique formula stops the entry of mice into your RV. We keep mice and other pests from entering through the small holes and cavities on the under side of your motorhome or trailer.
“At least one time each year re–seal the undercarriage to guard against pests and rodents...”.
Monaco Coach Corporation"

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The problem with something like that product is that it has to be reapplied yearly according to them.

Also, it's for the undercarriage of campers which have multiple small holes where all the wiring, propane, plumbing lines come up into the coach.

The biggest problem we have with rodents is their entry into the van/car through the holes in the firewall between the driving compartment and the engine compartment. This is not an area where they can get to  to spray the chemical.

The other big problem that those of us staying in the desert in the winter have is the rodents getting in and chewing up wiring in the engine compartment. Packrats in particular like to do that.

I had one (or maybe more, who knows   Rolleyes ) mouse come visiting me this past week. It's late fall cold up here and the inside of the van is nice and warm. It's been parked for more than a day at a time because I'm going in to hibernation mode until I can cross the border on Tuesday Big Grin Big Grin I ended up putting all sorts of food into plastic storage containers and each night I haul all the bread products out and put them on the table. He/she's about given up trying to get a meal out of me...didn't hear anything at all and there's no sign of mice running around leaving shit behind. Can't wait to get on the road.

In the desert last winter, we created stands to hold the hood of our vehicles open about 6" - just enough to be open without letting any rain come in. That and a solar light stuck in there each night and recharged in the sun each day was enough to do the job of keeping rodents out of the engine compartment.
I set traps for them when they get in my vehicle. Pretty easy to catch. Too small for pelts to be worth anything though. lol
See, I knew I missed my schnauzers. They may be yappy but small vermin are never a issue. Smile
I've always had good luck by just keeping the food stored tightly away , the mice learn real quick that there's nothing to eat and stop coming around , need to keep the trash sealed too.
Maybe try a pet snake?
I have my doubts about the efficacy of having the hood open. The idea is that mice don't like the light. Well, they're mostly nocturnal, so they're probably not going to be out and about when the sun is up. And if they would brave the sun between wherever they normally hide and my vehicle, then my engine compartment, even with the hood open, is shadier than open ground. And it takes them only a couple of seconds to get from my tire to a heating duct. They can tolerate whatever light might be in my engine bay. It's not like they're vampires that melt in sunlight. And it's not like the believers in the open hood method move their vehicles all day to keep the opening aligned with the sun. And when it rains, the practice is pointless. But I can attest that the open hood definitely keeps away unicorns, sharks and supermodels.
I attached a mouse blocker to my battery after reading mixed reviews. Most were positive.
I bought the cheaper version, in case it ddn't work.

After I first installed it I found evidence of mice in the van, a store of seeds. But there was no evidence that they stayed. I haven't seen anything since.

I'm not currently living in the van. But, here in New England, the mce move nto anything when the weather turns.

I've since installed somethng smilar in my mother's garage as the vermin were getting into houe from the garage. Seems to have worked.
As helpful as those products may or may not be there is another issue none of them will help with a recent newer vehicle issue; soy based electrical wiring.

I've been lucky in that I've owner older vehicles and haven't had an issue with chewed wires yet(knock on wood) but may have just jinxed myself by stating that.
I've been battling rodents in my house. They love to come in when it gets cold out. The person who rents to me won't hire an exterminator to find where they enter this rambling property.

I learned from a nurse on the hospital's non toxic cleanup committee to use 1/3 (or less) Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap mixed with 1/3 white vinegar, 1/3 water. Spray and clean with gloves on, after removing rodent droppings. Finish with a wipe down of hydrogen peroxide. Kills diseases rodents carry. Idea

I learned from my scientist bunch that Bounce keeps biting insects (gnats, no seeums, mosquitoes) away if you carry a fresh piece in your pants pocket. A friend told me it also keeps rodents away. She spends a lot of time in her truck camper. When not in use she places a sheet of Bounce on top of each tire. She lives rural and says it works for her.

I hate seeing mouse scat inside especially in my kitchen. So this year I put sheets of Bounce on my counters. No mice up there since. Not sure the chemicals in it are good for me but I can't stand seeing rodent droppings, especially before my first cup of coffee. I'm going to put Bounce under the fridge and in two other areas where they scurry and hide. Yuk, they belong outdoors. As author Tom Brown says "They are the ground chuck of the predator community."
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