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Full Version: What is this?
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Picked this up at a yard sale this morning for $40 cuz it was shiney and new, but never had a drill set like it... some are just letters. Any idea what it's worth?
The letters increase the size by a 64th, the numbers are wire size. Nice set.
A very nice professional drill bit set. It will serve you well.
Similar sets seem to be around $250 on eBay

There are some no name Chinese ones like that for around $50. Presumably you bought quality.
Yes nice set... :-D
what did you pay? highdesertranger
$40 bucks...not sure if they are high quality or not, never heard of Larson and googling it only turns up sites you have to log in to see a price. Or maybe the manufacturer is Regency...still not heard of them tho. Figure for $40, at worst I broke even, likely got a good deal...possibly a really good deal.

Tried one today and it works great...but then, so does every new drill bit at first...
I will give you 80 bucks for it. Larson is a shop supply company great quality with prices to match. highdesertranger
Here's a drill chart that will give you the sizes of the letter drills.
I think they would look wonderful with my drill press that unfortunately will be in storage here soon. Sad
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