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Full Version: What about Austin Texas??
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I've been in Houston for about 2 hours and I'm def not staying, too damn big and busy.. 

Everyone I've ever spoken too has to me to go to Austin? Would anyone here recommend it?
Left the Austin area five years ago. Traffic. Taxes. So many people. Can't keep up with services because of so many people moving there.
On the plus side. Lots to do. Weather.
Austin is booming. Traffic is a bear. If you are looking for temporary restaurant work other towns that are possibilities are San Marcos and New Braunfels between Austin and San Antonio. Then on the north side of Austin is Round Rock and Georgetown. All growing.
Austin is my favorite city in Texas, followed by San Antonio.  The hill country is beautiful, about as good as it gets in Texas.  Here is a site with some stuff to see and do.
It's also likely to be a bit cooler and less humid than Houston.
My favorite city in Texas isn't in Texas. It's anywhere but Texas!
^^^^That's the good thing about I-35, it's a two way Interstate.

Austin is a decent town, lots of music, bars and BBQ. The Police are a more confrontational type, at least the ones I saw in action. I guess you have to be in a college town but several of the ones I saw seemed to want an argument.

If you are looking to boondock I would do it out of the city and commute.
Well thanks for the info.. I def don't wanna be in a big city, but I really need to find some work, at least long enough to be able to drive out of Texas lol.
I last lived in Austin over 10 years ago, and they weren't boondocker friendly, but you can always hole up in a truck stop
I wonder if any of the restaurants in Columbus, tx, are hiring? that's about 1/2 way between Austin and Houston, and i know a few places you could park
Well I'm suppose to go to a job hiring event for Amazon in San Marco on Tuesday, let's hope that works out.
There is an Amazon warehouse in Haslet Tx. too, that's close to Ft.Worth-Dallas and there are plenty of places to park without too many hassles. They had quite a few job listings when I checked last week.