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Ok so many of you may know that I've been trying to sell everything I own for months now.  All I've been getting rid of is a piece of decor here and there but nothing major.

Last week I posted another "selling everything" post on FB and got a huge response this time!  It was kind of overwhelming, but awesome. 

So yesterday I had people come to buy my coffee table, end table, large book case and 42" flat screen tv.  I have someone coming this week for my organ, which was my great uncles so that will be tough to see go.  I had a couple mini meltdowns after each person left but my sister was with me and talked me down.  hahaha

So it's finally real, no turning back now.  My living room looks empty, except for my couch and love seat so I hope those go soon.  It sucked to sell things for pennies on the dollar but glad to sell it for something.

Time to really start going through everything else and making keep, sell, donate and trash piles.

I hope the momentum continues and I can get this all cleared out fast so I can get out of my apartment soon and really start to pile up some savings before I quit my job.

I'm super bummed because I won't make it to the January RTR which was REALLY my goal but everything works the way it's supposed to.  So I should be able to attend the summer RTR.

I am sooooooo pumped here!!!!!!!  I can't stand it, I want to be gone now!
YAY! nomadic life soooon!
I know.....I am sooooooo excited!!!!! I just need to keep the momentum going and not stop to question myself anymore. hahaha
Congratulations Cheli, almost ready to launch!
no retreat, no surrender
Well..........I guess you should count this as the beginning of your journey!
New Life , here you come.
(11-14-2016, 12:29 PM)rvpopeye Wrote: [ -> ]Well..........I guess you should count this as the beginning of your journey!
New Life , here you come.

Yes I guess I should.  I've been so frustrated for MONTHS but now it's starting to roll like it should.  So exciting!!!!!!  I just wish it was sooner because i really wanted to make the RTR in January.
Don't fight the tide just go with the flow and before you know it,,,,,,surf's up !
We'll be stuck in MA together. Maybe we can meet up for a pity party
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