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Full Version: Opinions on this home built Trailer?
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I looked at this trailer looks pretty well made. 2x2 framing with 1 1/2 foam board insulation on walls, floor, roof. It has a rear kitchen like a teardrop. Solar setup with new golf cart batteries.
Dinette that makes into a bed. Full height solar shower stall with porta potty. Cabinets. Fantastic roof vent, 3 rv opening windows in front. 7x10 size. Axle is mounted fairly far back. Seller said had taken it on 2 summer trips to PNW from Arizona.

I would do away with the arrow graphic and the wings.

Only $1500 wife not included.
Well it has a kitchen, bedroom, dining room, & a bathroom with off grid capability for $1,500  Big Grin  Depending on weight and how well it's built it sounds good to me. 

 I think I "over bought" when I bought my Aliner.  I don't intend to use the gas cooktop.  The 3 way fridge and water tank I'll only use in a spot with hook ups and I hope to go solar and then off grid.  I look at the "wasted" space and wonder how to re-arrange 1/2 the things in it.  I like the sloping ceilings and no more vinyl walls are nice too. 
If I were still able to use a circular saw and a drill like I use to I would have been happy with a converted cargo trailer.......I think.

At least the Aliner only weighs 1,000lbs empty with no propane or water storage.

I hope you find what you need.

Hard to render an opinion on something I can't see.  Assuming it really is well built, on a good frame with good running gear, $1500 sounds like a steal to me.  He's got more than that in materials, and he's essentially giving his labor away for free.  The only thing to check in to is whether there will be any issues with registering it, SOME states can be picky about homemade trailers.  Talk to your DMV about that, first.  The nice thing about trailers is they are pretty much a non-issue insurance wise, the insurance companies all have to cover any trailer you are towing for liability.  Unlike, say, trying to convert a school bus or box truck.
I like the little wings in the rear, grasping at retro by mimicking trailer design features of yesterday.

I wouldn't think twice about buying that unit, why isn't it in your driveway yet?

With the axle that far back you shouldn't have to worry about having enough tongue weight. $1500 sounds like a steal.
Trailer has a clear AZ home built title. I am a Nevada resident with Nevada plates on my van, so I would need to use an arizona address to register the trailer. Hopefully will be buying on Monday.
It looks to be built on a boat trailer frame.?
Boat trailers usually carry the weight rearward because of the motor and fuel tanks, so it makes sense..
Trailer campers are typically center axled, probably for a stability issue.
Did the owner mention how well the camper towed? It may be problematic?
Something to consider?
$1500 sounds like a deal..maybe too good?
On a side note. Circa 1960's
We had one of these growing up. The retro look is coming back and the mfr. is presently making them locally here in Indiana. So the wings are the cool thing nowadays. Wink

[Image: 890_starlet.jpg]
A bare trailer can cost that much. It looks like because the wheels are further back it is a bit tippy in the front corners. Have them toss in the block of wood, or get a couple of jacks for the front sides.
Certainly jacks on all for corners. I use to use the pryamid/ screw type on our 13 ft, it was much more solid than the screw down stabilizers on my bigger trailer.
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