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Full Version: Best Christmas Gifts for Nomads
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So, it's Christmas, which of course has morphed into being all about giving gifts. So, if you were going to buy a gift for a vandweller or RVers what would it be? Can you name 10?

These are nonessentials, I am assuming the person already bought the essentials. These are more along the line of items that are really good to have if you have the room and money, but you can live without if you don't. 

This thread is NOT about Christmas. You can start that thread if you like but it's off-topic here. What happens to off-topic posts? They get deleted!
Top 10 gifts for Vandwellers (and Peterbilt Motorhome owners!):

1. Buddy heater
2. Propane bottle and hose
3. Gift card to Renogy for panels and controller
4. Four 6v GC batteries
5. 2000w Xantrex inverter/charger
6. Three 7 gallon empty buckets
7. Blue fleece 12 vdc heating pad
8. Senior citizen National Parks pass
9. Battery hydrometer
10. CRVL designer t-shirt from Mr. Bob

As usual, just my opinion . . .
Gas card
Amazon gift card
Renogy or Arizona Wind and Sun gift card
Wifi Hot Spot
Tank of propane
hot pizza
Shower cards
Oil change coupon
Soar oven

Last but mot least,  World Peace.
Taking out essentials id say

1.) Mobil Exxon or Truck Stop Gas giftcards
2.) Hitch Rack and Storage Box for it
3.) Prepaid Internet card/hotspot
4.) Cordless tools (Drill, flashlight, reciprocating saw, etc)
5.) AAA Membership
6.) Walmart gift card for oil changes
7.) Down comforter and/or Down sleeping bag
8.) Cast Iron Griddle (It's big and heavy but it's one of my fav pieces of equipment)
9.) Good headlamp (Black diamond or equivalent)
10,) Come A Long, snatch strap, and/or other recovery gear. (I consider this essential but I don't think everyone does)
So many items are personal choices. A good item for one wouldn't work for another person. If you get them a GPS, it might not be the one they really wanted. Same with just about everything. So I will say
1. Amazon gift card.
2. Amazon gift card
3. Amazon gift card
4. Amazon gift card
The ultimate fits all gift .
I've already gone through two bottles since coming to Arizona.
I am not a van dweller yet but Franklin Gift Certificates are pretty awesome. You can spend them just about anywhere. Even pot dealers take them Wink LOL.
Solar lights or lanterns (or crank powered). Everyone can use a back up light or a second or third.

Bob's CRVL Store has some non-essentials listed that he has personally tested and likes (such as booties that keep his feet warm on a cold van floor).

Each year, I give stocking stuffers that are "survival" tools small enough to be carried in a pocket or fanny pack for hiking or "every day carry" (EDC) -- so they should be fine even for car-dwellers. Things like a flat, ultra-loud emergency whistle for a keyring or an SOL Fire Lite striker or a very tiny but super bright LED keychain flashlight. Several other ideas (some nearly free to give) are on my outdated blog at the link in my signature. Hey, those are posts from last year so the brand names may be dated but the ideas are fairly timeless. LOL
Technomadia posts a great list every year. Here is this year's list

My suggestion is a link to your Amazon wish list. You can create public and private lists.
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