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Full Version: Firestone Ride-Rite Kit Dodge Van
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Firestone 2109 Ride-Rite Kit for 1977-2003 Dodge Van - $318.34

I have the correct kit located.

Would anyone know if these are sold locally in Quartzsite ?

:-) it is sitting in my cart at Amazon (just in case not)

Thank You
Don't know about Quartzite, I'd suspect not.

I purchased mine from Summit autoparts a decade ago for $235 IIRC

Hope I don't insult you with a Couple installation tips.

Do not believe the 'no drill' claim. Predrill holes for mounting brackets to frame and have impact driver or clutched drill with proper Hex head to drive self drilling sheet metal bolts into frame.

On the push to connect air fittings do cut at 90 degrees with sharp razor blade, insert to full depth and then pull back on airhose and little sliding collett to seal better

Might want to inflate bags to 5 to 10 PSI and stick in bucket. watch for Micro bubbles.
My first set leaked new out of box, Summitt made it right, replacement bags leak less than they say is acceptable, 10 years later. but the leaky first pair caused extra labor

My Exhaust pipe did not leave enough clearance around airbag. I cut exhaust Pipe and used steel cans( hunts pasta sauce) and 4 hose clamps to extend it for clearance. Shamefully, has been this way for 10 years. I replace cans every few years instead of fixing it correctly. But last batch i actually painted first with some high temp BBQ paint. Perhaps i'll get more than 3.5 years.

[Image: IMG_1130_zps38557967.jpg]

I extended the provided heatshield with a Pizza tray, riveted to the provided heatsink, to protect more of the bag from exhaust pipe heat.

[Image: IMG_1129_zps5c648523.jpg]

I also put my Schrader valves inside the van so I can change pressure from within.

Plumb each bag separately, do not T the air fill line. If T'd then sway during turns will increase.

100 psi in curb side bag and 0 psi in street side bag can level out van for street dwelling, and open up other campsites which are unlevel. 100 PSI in both bags raise my van over 4 inches.

Best of luck.

:-) I've installed a couple of "no drill" receivers...

Cutting, bending and hammering was required...

they do the best they can with the universal fit parts. Or the least they can get away with..

Thanks on the heads up to check for leaks I bought a pair about 4 months ago just been to stiff to install will get to it.
Firestone says do not inflate the bags unsupported. I use a large C-clamp when testing the bags. you only need 5-10lbs like Stern said. highdesertranger
I really like having the bags. While correct leafs for the load would be best, when the load changes, the bags can be dialed in.

I did not use the C clamp, only because i did not have one large enough, but i did test the second set of delivered bags in a bucket before install to 10 PSI or so without problems.

I've also inadvertently driven without the recommended 5psi minimum in them without issue, though I would not recommend it.