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Full Version: Unusual Insulation
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Has anyone used out-of-the-box, unusual or strange ideas or solutions for insulation?

Due to my passion for Celts and Vikings I decorated with furs on the walls and the floor. This was purely for aesthetics initially while trying to make it look like a Medieval/Dark Ages house but I also realized the value of the insulating abilities of furs afterwards and added a few more deer and beaver fur-on hides to the most exposed walls.

Has anyone else used something kind of unusual to help insulate? I'm really interested in how people think beyond the norm
Duneelliot- we gotta see photos now!

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Sounds mighty cozy !
Of course with a two dog heater you will always be warm................
Ask and ye shall receive (although I can't figure out how to insert pictures from Flikr so just adding the link to the photo album):

These are older pictures taken back in September. I have added the extra hides since then but didn't have the chance to take pictures due to the weather.
DuneElliot..................WOW that's some serious decor going on in there....It's Alive!

I read some of your blog.....DAMN....I'm exhausted! You certainly know how to backpack..........I love the dogs and their doggie backpacks

Published author (I'm also a JRT fan) and    photographer...............WooHoo!

Good Luck completing your preparations this year for your Sept escape.........Hope to meet you on the road someday............

Abnorm...thank you for your kind words. I feel so at home walking into my camper already and use it as an escape when my parents are here in the summer, partly for me but also to get the dogs used to spending time in there and thinking of it as home. Living in it at the ranch when I first bought it helped in the pup aspect...they are familiar with it now, although Cody hated the movement on the older, light-weight axles and tires.

I absolutely love to see what others have done to the inside of their campers/RVs/vans that make them personal to the owner. Some people like a light and airy feeling and some, like me, like the cozy darker feel of a cavern/cave etc. I love how individual each "van" dwelling is and in so many more ways than any house I have ever seen.

I am so excited to meet people on the road. I am an introvert by nature, as I believe most nomads are, but I do love people too. This community is full of so many amazing people and I hope to meet up with anyone and everyone here at some point.
Wow, way cool. Reminds me of my Uncle's cabin in Alaska who has since passed a few years ago.
Bet that is warm and cozy

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Hoping so...need to add bubble wrap to the windows but the walls are pretty much set. I'm also trying to figure out if and how to add insulation to the ceiling...furs on the roof seems a little OTT, and it gets expensive.
Very awesome!
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