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Full Version: Motor Clubs (A.A.A., Allstate, BP, etc.)
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I have coachnet for my RV.  AAA's RV option (not available everywhere) gets bad reviews.
Like Judy, I've had Good Sam ERS for 9 years and like it so far. DW ran out of gas a couple of times and they brought her 5 gals each time at no cost. Haven't used them on a towing yet. I like the fact that they can send out a tow truck that can handle even the largest motorhome. Dealing with RVs is their specialty. Great peace of mind. Can't imagine breaking down 40 miles from nowhere and having to try to locate a towing service on my own.  
I have AAA Plus and have used it enough that it has just about paid for itself.  But, I did call to make sure I could get service in the National Parks that I visit fairly frequently.  For AAA-WA, I found out that they will only provide service on county maintained roads which is not the case in most National Parks.

Gratefully, I've not broken down in a National Park nor on any of the NFS backroads that I take.  I've not checked out any of the other towing services, but probably should given my preferences to visit out-of-the-way places.

Suanne ... getting ready to head south again.
Yesterday I lucked out... 

Without thinking, I had locked the keys in the sleeping area of the van.  The plastic key had broken and come off the key ring.  I laid it on the kitchen counter and after waking up, grabbed just the big key ring and left, locking the door.  On top of that the hide-a-key had apparently fallen off it's spot on the frame of the van.

AAA was out in under 45 minutes and unlocked the front of the van.  I have an A/C mounted in the bulkhead doorway which would have been a pain to remove just to get to the back. Thankfully, there was another broken key in the front, laying in the cupholder...

Lesson 1:  AAA was a good investment...

Lesson 2:  Keep an extra key (I have several) in the FRONT of the van, maybe in folder with the insurance cards, etc.   AAA won't pay for a cargo area unlock.  It's pretty easy to unlock the front. 

Lesson 3:  Wire a key under the van somewhere.   Hide-a-key magnetic boxes are nice but even with extra magnets glued on them they can still fall off!

Lesson 4:  Keep some clothing (or at least the keys) OUTSIDE if doing the "near naked camping" (other thread).

I don't like putting a metal key in the wallet (this wallet's too full) but I know some places can cut a "credit card" type plastic key that might a good idea, too.


Any time I leave the house, I put my spare truck key on. Yep, I WEAR it! 
I keep it on a necklace rope chain, hanging by the back door, so when I leave,
I grab it, put it around my neck (under my shirt), & I'm good to go! 

When I get home, I take it back off & hang it back up by the back door,
where it stays till my next excursion out! 

I have AAA. I use the premier when I am on the road. It has saved my butt countless times over the years.

I had a bad experience with them in November '11. I broke down coming off interstate 80 at the end of an exit ramp at 2 am, Bout 20 miles from home. It was raining and cold. That metal plate that protects my gas tank had come off and was wedged backwards into my gas tank. AAA refused to tow me unless I took the kayak off the roof and left it. We went round and round for a couple hours. I was pretty furious, as I was paying over $100 for my plan, and I had been towed before with a kayak on the roof. Ultimately, I was able to twist the metal around so it would drag instead of wedging up against the tank and drive home at about 20 miles an hour.

If I don't sell the kayak, I am going to have to find another provider.

As an aside, I spent more than an hour laying in the drizzle and fog alongside the end of this exit ramp, trying to knock that freakin plate off. I can't tell you how many vehicles zoomed past me that night, a middle aged woman lying on the pavement in the rain. Plenty of people slowed down, but not one car stopped. At one point, i lay spread eagle on the ground like i was dead. Nothing When I finally gave up, I called the state police to tell them I was going to be sleeping in my van at that exit. He said they would do a drive by now and then to check on me. I asked him if anyone had ever dialed 911and said there was a lady laying by the road. Not a one! Can you imagine? Meanwhile, via Facebook, vandwellers across the country were viewing photos of the metal plate and giving me advice and encouragement. What a great bunch of people we count as our tribe!
I have a spare key on my truck. I used one of those spring loaded clips and drilled a hole so I could put the key ring on it. You get the clips in the office supply section in walmart. There is also a clip that has wire type handles for squeezing it open...then you wouldn't need to drill a hole. You can clip it anywhere that has a lip.
Good gravy should have shown some cleavage while you were laying spread eagle on the ground!!!

Rae- forget the cleavage. I still can't believe nobody tried to steal my mukluks.
Katie, they couldn't see your mukluks because the blinders went on immediately when they noticed someone in distress! 

Too bad your  breakdown didn't occur in Alaska...the first person would have stopped to help and the 2nd person would have stopped to make sure he was doing it right.  At least its what happens outside of Anchorage.  Most here have required assistance on the road at one time or another and understand the how isolated one feels on the roads here in Alaska.  Towing is expensive because of distance usually required for a tow and heck...everything in Alaska is more expensive. 


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