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Full Version: Motor Clubs (A.A.A., Allstate, BP, etc.)
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Even the finest campers could break down some day... even a nice one like this!

Is anyone using a motor club?

Tonight I joined A.A.A. It was nice to only have to provide a PO box number (and credit card) when joining.  I chose the 100 mile towing option ($94.99).  It's kind of like insurance but at least you get free maps and protection from being stranded in the boonies.  It also makes my sister happy which has its positives, too...  no more nagging.

One advantage was that having a van saved $30.00 a year over having to pay the RV rate at A.A.A.

Anyhow, I am curious how many of us are using automobile clubs in our camping and mobile living arrangements.  Has anyone ever needed to make a claim?


Great pic!
So the circus came to town, eh? 

My father had Allstate ( using my best Dennis Haysbert voice ) back in the 60's -- I remember we got stuck in Arizona - it took hours for the tow truck to show up from Long Island [Image: rofl.gif]


Yep, we have the AAA Plus and are very happy with it...have had to use it maybe 4 or 5 times over the years....have had it for maybe 15 or 20 years.

We have Plus since it also covers RVs and motorcycles.

Ive actually towed for them before (sorta)   They dont mess around with the towing you get...they made us put people down in the middle of no where before once those miles ran out and they couldn't pay additional towing on their own.  Of course that might just have been that towing company.  Basically, they hire a local towing from wherever you are and pay them for the miles you signed up for.
Tripple A has been the best investment ever, one tow basically pays for the year, and we have three older, high mileage cars. i try to keep up with them , but have had to get towed on occasion. We also have Allstate. Money well spent for a bit of peace of mind. Be sure to carefully read the policy , though. Most wont pick you up if you are off a paved road.

I use it a lot when redoing old cars - invariably I need a tow until everything gets worked out lol. 

We did an upgrade when we dot the van for higher mileage, though never used it for such. As Les said,  worth the money for peace of mind and one day you may well be glad you have it.
Thanks for the info, particularly about the gravel road situation... 

I did check my policy and it looks like as long as I am on a roadway that is intended to be used as a roadway, it's okay... AAA will tow.  They do not cover if I'm stupid enough (again) to get the van stuck while camping in the snow.

Even though the van and my 2008 Impala are in great mechanical shape you never know when something might conk out (IE - due to crappy gas) etc. 

Thanks again for the note about gravel... I was sweatin' it till I reread all the info in the policy.  They don't make it a point to tell you that early in the game.

We have good sam premium. It is specifically for rv's, and our policy also covers our cargo trailer and motorcycles. It was under 100.00 for the first year. We had AAA but it was going to be alot more than that for the rv and the coverage we got. Also our good sam tows a lot farther than AAA.
You know... I was stupid not thinking of this. I should have paid for a year of Goodsam or something... instead I paid $95 towing one day for my van from the horrible shop down here to another shop about 18 miles away. Dangit!!

Not sure they'd like me using it right away though.

I may go with Goodsam for roadside since they are more directly RV related and may know of a towing company who will send out a proper truck.
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