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Full Version: Interesting Encounter today
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Interesting encounter this evening.  Met a guy my first night in Corpus Christi, in a van pulling 30' trailer.  I've camped in several different places over the last 10 days, he's been in the same spot.  Anyhow, when I drove by this evening he flagged me down, said he needed a jump.  Told him I don't give jumps do to the electronics in today's vehicles but that I had a generator and a charger we could charge his battery with.  He seemed irritated by this and mentioned he couldn't make any calls either as his cell phone was dead.  I offered the use of my phone and to charge his.  He again declined.  Then he asked if I had any money as he hadn't eaten in 3 days.  Told him I'd be more than glad to give him a little food but no money.  He turned that offer down as well.  As a parting comment he stated I'll just flag someone else down that's willing to help me out.  LOL, i offered him assistance on everything he stated he needed.  Oh well, I wished him the best and went on to my fishing spot.  ?????
Sounds like a bit of a jackass
There is just no helping some people. You are a good person to offer him all of that. If I hadn't eaten in 3!?
It sounds like he was looking for something in particular. Maybe a loaded wallet?
That encounter was just as fishy as anything you may have pulled out of the water. I'd say don't let yourself be flagged down by him again. Great you were willing to help on all his needs.
Sounds like he was fishing before you got a chance. But he was fishing for your money.
When dealing with people like this, you need a big shovel for the amount of shit they throw your way....
Wonder if the rig was stolen?
Sorry to say it but a lot of people want a handout. What amuses me I guess is here I am in a 92 Ford van. It's not a Mercedes-Benz. I look like I have a lot of extra cash laying around? And you know how many of those people are out there every night.Some of them work in teams. Beware of the scammers. There's a whole lot of them. If they want gas money I can't help them. If approached in McDOnalds I will buy them a meal. Then there was the time someone asked me for money so they could get a motel room in the middle of the Summer. Jeez......HoboJoe
Good on you for offering help, Bob. You're a big hearted guy.
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