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Full Version: Are you "out there"?
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How many of our regular readers/posters are currently living in a vehicle/RV, and how many of us are planning/dreaming/reminiscing?
Bonus question:  Van, truck/trailer, motorhome, or other?
I'm in a Travel trailer, but stationary on land I'm buying, dunno if that counts
I've lived P/T in my fifth wheel for a summer but just not feasible to do in the winter in Wyoming, at least not easily. Ready to go as soon as the weather gets warm though, although I do have other travel plans (England trip and hiking the Colorado Trail) over the summer that will postpone the actual movement in the truck and trailer until September.
I fit in two of the voting categories. I used to live in vehicles full time, (mostly boats), now live in S&B, (full time), but plan to part time starting this summer in a van or pickup pulling a toy hauler.
I use to be of the second choice but not any more. FT all the way! Smile
I've lived on wheels since '81 but now I'm spending 14hrs a day caring for mom.
But,,,,,I have been spending a lot of spare time looking at MAPS!

Oh on "out there" my picture is next to the definition in the they still make those???
I have about a year left in the S&B, then I'm out of here. Even got the route all planned out on Google maps.
Planning to launch into full time vandwelling in the nthis spring or summer.?
My van has been my bedroom since Mid 2001. A few months here or there outside of it. I'm have not really been travelling much since about '08, but I have not paid rent since a 1.5 month span in 2002. Have a private parking spot a mile drive from mother Pacific ocean that keeps me sane.

Imagine how much money would be spent on rent in that time period, how much i would have worked just to pay rent, or worse, a mortgage.
I just got a Class C a few days ago and I'm working to make it mine. I do have many smaller trips planned at first but it won't be long.

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