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Full Version: Guns - to Carry One or Not?
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I was recently camped near someone and we talked and with regard to a coyote pack nearby he said something about the gun he assumed I was carrying. He wasn't the first. 

I don't carry a gun! The only reason I might carry a gun is if I went into heavy grizzly country and even then I would probably rely on bear spray.  Otherwise I just couldn't imagine carrying one. In three plus years of boondocking plus a couple of years earlier I've never had any reason for a gun and hopefully I never will. 

Has anyone else? 

(I do have two fairly large dogs though!)

Not boondocking specific, but I am licensed and carry everywhere it is legal to do so. I hope to never need it.
If you have that reaction to the idea of carrying a gun you probably shouldn't
i carry on a regular basis, to the point I don't really even think about it
I'd rather have it and never need it, that need it and not have it, like airbags and a seat belt, or my on the road tool kit
You're likely better off with the dogs, they don't have the moral compunctions we humans talk ourselves into, and won't hesitate, where a human who isn't committed to the idea of no compromise self defense likely would, and become a statistic
First question I ask folks who ask me about a gun for home defense is: "Are you 100% positive you could take a life?"
If the answer is "no" or contains any qualifiers whatsoever, I tell them "A dog" even "well if my life was in danger..." No
"Yes" with no qualifiers, or get a dog
Sometimes the need is to help someone in trouble, like this good Samaritan who saved an Arizona trooper yesterday on I-10 near Tonopah.

First off, all you have to do with coyotes is yell at them. Don't ever be nice to them or let them get close - it will just make them comfortable around humans and eventually get them run over or put down.

I am unlikely to actually use a gun if it came down to it so I don't carry one. In my possession it would just make things worse or at the very least create hassles I don't need. So far in 43 years I've never been in a situation that would have been better with a gun in my hand and several that could have gone very wrong. Maybe I'm just lucky.

I'm not saying this is true for everyone. We all have our own experiences and place different values on things.

If you don't see an immediate need and aren't inclined to shoot things, you probably shouldn't have a gun.

The reputation that vandwellers have of being armed is just fine with me because it means fewer people bothering me Smile
I have a CCW and I carry a 9mm Glock. I hope I don't ever have to use it but if I'm forced, well, I will not hesitate. To each his/her own, though.

VanGrrl57 Smile
I find it sorta funny that one of the most stolen items seem to be firearms. How does that happen? Why advertise you have something to steal? Simplify the less you have the safer you are.
This is a personal choice. If you choose not to carry, fine. If you carry, fine.
"With great power comes great responsibility."
A firearm gives one great power.

I keep a gun close at hand at all times. My choice. Neither a good or bad choice.

And...... coyotes have attacked small dogs, on leash right by their owners. Hungry or rabid, it is a matter of record. I'd want more to defend with than my size fifteen shoe applied vigorously. Just sayin'......
Here in sunny Florida, that same thing can be said for gators.
You know.......... I've been traveling and camping for WELL over 1/2 a century throughout this magnificent country. North, South, East, West..........
NEVER have I felt the need for protection with a firearm.

Protection from tornadoes? Yes!
Protection from mosquitoes? Yes!

Protection from Wild life or crazy humans?
Not once.

East of the Mississippi River I may have one in my rig.  West of the Mississippi I may have it on my person.

If you are out by yourself and traveling where you know no one,  you may have to protect yourself.   Male or Female.   There may be no one around to do that for you.   I just see this as "one" of the many concerns for those choosing the nomadic lifestyle. 

I may have it backwards about being in the west & east and which is safer by and large.

This may also relate to one's age and or gender.
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