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Full Version: Class A Dumping in WM parking lot
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I'm 400 miles closer to home after leaving the RTR this morning and I'm in a walmart parking lot in Gallup NM watching some jerk dump his tanks on the parking lot. He saw me watching him, and I'm half tempted to turn him in. I'm really not the tattle tale type, so unless they saw him do it on camera, he'll get away with it, JERK OFF!!
No, do it because he's making us all look bad.
This "ahem" person is going to make Walmart not allow camping on their lots any more, and who can blame them after that?
There comes a point in time where we should actually police our own to a degree. If not, people will start regarding us as scum.
I would of pulled my phone out and start videotaping walking towards 
him and get some close up action to turn him in , License  plate number and all.
I do penetration testing on wireless networks for my customers. I found the repeater he's using and have been hammering his connection until it locks up. I used to do this to irritate my sister, lol. He'll have no internet tonight!!

If I'd been thinking, I'd have taken a pic with my phone and showed WM security.
I can afford a $250k motorhome but $10 to dump? Nah....
i was parked at a Lowes once and got kicked out , they said it was because someone dumped tanks there ..........
(They had his plate# from the Wally security cam next door , so he got a call from the DEP! Bet that wasn't cheap...)
I seriously have to ask why he didn't just go to a dump station? Even truck stops usually have them, and, the one's I went to were free.
What would you do if this guy was dumping it in your front yard? Nothing? Grow some cajones, bud!
I've seen several RVs driving along with gray water running out. Is that a thing now?
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