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Full Version: The Time Is Finally Here!
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Well, after we sold the house, the closing went really fast, and that part is over and done with. We'll be driving to California to see an RV tomorrow, and if we like it, we'll buy it. From the looks of it, we both love it. If not, we'll rent a hotel in Laughlin until we find one. What a journey it's been to empty the house! Had a few days of yard sales, then the bad weather engulfed the entire northern region of Arizona. 

So, I thought about it, and decided to donate most of what's in here to the Salvation Army. It's a great organization, and they do great work in helping people who desperately need it. The receivers sure are happy with us, we've been showing up every day with a van load of things for them. I'm truly honored and humbled at their gratitude. 

I will miss none of these "things", because it's just "stuff". I once sold everything I owned and landed in Hawaii with just five suitcases, so to me, it's a rather freeing experience....I never "missed" anything I sold off, either.  

Our new journey is making me a bit nervous and giddy at the same time. Having to figure out all the systems on the rv is a little nerve wracking, because it's our first RV, and our "new home" at the same time. I've only driven a Class A several times, but that was many years ago, so I hope I can pick it up quickly. My dude can pretty much drive anything for the time being.
Best wishes for you and yours on the next chapter in your lives.

nice! good luck!
Exciting adventures await you and your husband. Have a great new chapter!
Good Luck to the two of you. I hope your new RV turns out to be everything you wanted. Smile
Thank you all for the well wishes! I can barely sleep thinking about whether that RV will be THE one. I sure hope so. Sometimes, the stars just happen to line up when you need them to. Funny how life is. I'm more used to that bumpy, treacherous road filled with potholes  Cool
That was fast!
Not to worry.
Lots of us here with RV experience.
Just ask any questions on how things work.

Is it a private seller or dealer?
Either one should be able and willing to show you all the systems working before you buy anyway.
Good for you, DesertDweller!!

I moved into my van out of necessity, now I live in it because I want to. Getting rid of excess stuff was incredibly freeing for me.

All the best to you!

VanGrrl57 Smile