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Full Version: changing van title to rv title???
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I can barely close my hand tonight from typing & trying to find some hint of what is need or even if it's possible to have a conversion van retitled as a rv so I could use it campgrounds, plug in to shore power whether I was towing the Aliner.  I've about GOOGLED myself crosseyed today.  I get so PO'd when I get those totaly unrelated responses from skynet. YECK!  Can anyone give me hint of what wording I should use in my inquiries?  I live in AL

When I was trying to research this at the NY DMV site, I finally had to use the "Contact Us" feature to ask about it.  I got a return email referencing the proper NY Code section and explaining how it works here.
I did it in ohio when I initially registered. I didnt know what to call it so we discussed it at the counter. we both decided it was an RV which if I remember right cost me less to register it.

she didnt care either way. So I would try going there and just telling them that it's been converted to a camper.

I had no idea this mattered to campgrounds....never had them ask
Maybe I'm missing something.  If you're doing it solely to get into campgrounds, are you sure that's necessary and practical?
I suspect that any RV park that insists on seeing an RV title probably also has other restrictions (maximum unit age, minimum size, etc) that may be problematic.
Those restrictions are generally to keep the riff-raff out.  I'd rather go where the riff-raff are welcome Wink
I have not had problems with any campground. Van titled as passenger vehicle.
I agree with mayble. Don't worry about it. Public campgrounds are your best bet. Many of them in the eastern states have electric hookups at some of the sites. Private campgrounds such as KOAs that cater to families allow tent camping so your van will be fine at those too. If in doubt call the specific campground and ask.
Have you checked to see what the difference in price to register it might be.  There may also be a difference in insurance prices.  I live in an rv park an we have vans in here all the time.  I don't understand the concern.
Usually, the reason to register a vehicle as an RV is not to get into campgrounds, but because it's often cheaper to insure as an RV than as a regular vehicle.  Also, usually, a regular passenger drivers license is all you need to drive a vehicle so heavy you would need a commercial license if it weren't registered as an RV.

I was surprised to hear that in OH, they didn't have any special requirements for RV status.  In NY, the vehicle must have heating/cooling separate from when the engine is running, a separate electrical system, a way to cook food, etc.
Thanks folks.  I had seen somewhere that someone was turned away from a place to camp because they were in a van.  Tony & Karen you jogged my memory about tents.  
SO I have a conversion van,  a Aliner pop up and a tent too! Queenie and I have our bases covered....I hope  Big Grin 
                  I'll see what I can find out about titles/Ins...etc

Consider that your insurance may change dramatically if registered as an RV. It may be cheaper to insure, but that is because they only cover the vehicle for "recreational purposes". Driving it 7-days a week, or to work, or for non-recreational reasons, and you may not be covered if there is an accident. And even then you are only saving a few dollars a year for taking such a huge risk.

Also, an "RV" is not allowed to be parked in many city-areas, but a "van" can be parked in any public place.

I have yet to hear of a good reason to register a van as a RV.
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