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Full Version: Seeking Baja Info
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As soon as one says, "Mexico", the first words one hears are, "It's dangerous down there."  Okay, let's just skip that part (see my posts on those types of comments about Alaska).  But if you've been to Baja, Mexico, I am interested in what you have to say about your experiences there, especially things like:

1.  Where did you park/stay?
2.  How are the roads (are they doable in my E-150 van)?
3.  Availability of potable water, groceries, etc.
4.  Availability of gasoline.

Thank you.

In particular, I am interested in finding a small community where I can stay in my van, near a beach that is accessible by 2-WD.



Hi Ann,  Good luck on not having people tell you it's dangerous...they can't seem to help it...their fears spill out and get on ya...

I was in Baja for a spell the last couple of winters and Brian Gifford and his dog Stella go for a month or several in the winter:

I love Baja, well Mexico in general. but Baja is something a little different than mainland Mexico, and while it is loaded with gringos and is pretty much set up for them to have a good time, it has the feel of a frontier and has some absolutely gorgeous scenery all it's own.

If it were me taking my first drive down the peninsula, I would do the entire thing and then decide on where I wanted to stay for a while. There are literally hundreds of great places to stay and they start just a couple hours south of the border and run the length of the two states.

I think a nice route is to go first to either Puerto Peñasco or San Felipe and work your way west and south....cross MX3 from San Felipe to Ensenada, and head south. On another thread we talked about La Jolla Beach Camp and how it is a great place to stop for a night on the way south. Another entry point depending on where you want to start is Tecate and go down MX3 to Ensenada through the wine country.

Whatever you do, be absolutely sure to get Mike and Terry Church's Book Mexican Camping....they are the current authority as much as that means anything. Things change daily so they have a portion of their website:

Where travelers log in and update things as they find can do that too.

Other than that, go for it....the roads are good, the gas plentiful and cheaper than here, everything is plentiful really...they make it easy to fill your water jugs with agua purificada and in short I predict a complete fiesta!

Also check out the forum for everything you wanted to know about Baja...and most of Mexico...check out MexicoMike's website too.

I am repeating myself, we have had this convo a few times already....

Happy trails....

Thanks Bri.


You are very welcome Ann, be sure to ask questions as you find them and feel free to email or PM me directly if you want....

Buen Viaje....
I so want to winter the area someday. Wasn't it SoulRaven talking about 2013 or 14 meet up? 
Sometimes I just sit in my tt Little Sanitee and think about the pics posted here of the Baja trips. I'm so down and depressed. Still problems with my house on land contract. One thing after another taking my funds. At least I own everything and only have utilities and taxes. Just needed a little whine this evening. And at least I have my little tt to have my coffee in every morning.
I think I will look for the thread with those beautiful baja pics to cheer me up