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Full Version: License Plate Surveilance
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Big Brother is watching . . . your license plates!
Not surprised
Since like forever! Remember when they informed us the "latest" spy satellite could read license plates in the late.. 90s???

If anyone thought that all those intersection/red light cameras were for catching light runners, well, there's therapy for that.

They didn't need the big computer complex in Utah for nothing: it can process 6000 bits of information on Each person in the WORLD every second.... or faster and more by now. License numbers are a cinch.
they already have free access to the information through the DMV.

I worked for a repo company briefly, their private systems had every license plate in there. I would go around all night long scanning plates with ir cameras looking for a vehicle up for repo. I could pull up your name, address, place of employment, and if applicable your loan amount, how much you've paid, how much you owe, your co-signers name and address, and their places of employment, etc. I could do it to any vehicle, even ones not up for repo, in case they were trying to swap plates....which was common.

it's pretty much the whole point of license plates in the first ID you and the cars VIN.
One of the more interesting snips of information was that NY was going to do away with toll booths on a bunch of bridges and use license plate readers to send you a bill.  Wonder how that's going to work out for us nomads?  Wonder how long we'll have to pay them before penalties kick in?

Being a toll collector on a bridge used to be a well paying government job.  Guess it's going the way of buggy whip manufacturers . . .
License Plate scanning has been used in various places for years, same as Facial Recognition. Gotta love tecnology, eh? "Personal Privacy" died years ago. Welcome to The Brave New World........ (remember that book?)

Makes me think of Ian Malcolm's statement, "Just because we CAN do it, doesn't mean we SHOULD!"
Just dont be a problem, and it does not matter.

My neighbor got his jeep taken, and the police found it parked in a lot in KC by this teck.  

It gives the LEO a starting point on who to expect to see.  My record is clean.
This is old technology.
Whoever is watching my life must be bored to death. Although I did get to eat an amazing cupcake today, so that was probably a thrill for them.
Was at a "Rest area" got awaken by a stater who said "You cannot block your plate" (I had a container for the generator) and I asked him "Why would it be OK for me to have it blocked by a trailer, instead of this?"

His reply "You want me to cite you?" Our state troopers (Washington State) must not want to answer a legitimate question. Thing is that they cruise the stops and check for stolen cars and wanted felons....Frankly a rest stop would be my NEVER choice if On the run. I KNEW cops patrolled those areas years ago...
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