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Full Version: License Plate Surveilance
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(02-03-2017, 07:34 PM)Every Road Leads Home Wrote: [ -> ]Works in any state, never have to worry about if you have cash or not. 
So one pass works across the whole U.S.?
"They" can track me and listen to me all they want, but I do keep the laptop camera covered, JIC. I surf the net in my skivvies......
The basic tech is ho hum old hat

The ability to combine info from ALL the databases makes it scary.

Now add the fact that public and private realtime systems tracking where you are are combined.

Sure we're "safer" from the pedo narco terrorists (really?)

But what if the citizenry need to organize against a (your keyword here) takeover of our democracy and now bigBro knows everything, cracking down on the resistance is a walk in the park.

The fundamental check&balance is US, and we're giving our - and our children's - ability to define US away through sheer ignorance, laziness and apathy.

My record is clean, PISH!

Unless you believe "the people who win our elections, and all employees of the law enforcement SURVEILLANCE APPARAT are and always will be kind, tolerant and wise public servants"

And I doubt too many on any "side" believe that any more.
Now I am going to stir the pot.  "THEY" have the ability to just kill your vehicle with something similar to a radar gun.   Tongue

Quote:( —A UK company's prototype has shown how cars can be immobilized by blasting electromagnetic waves. RF Safe-Stop is a system that stops engines. Its ability to send electronic pulses out towards targeted vehicles forces those vehicles' engines to cut out. As a non-lethal weapon, the unit can disable the engines of not only cars but also small boats, doing the job, in just seconds, at a distance up to 50m. One suggested defense use, in temporarily disabling a vehicle's electronic systems, would be to thwart drivers using their vehicles as car bombs as well as to defend sensitive locations from cars that refuse to stop.

Read more at:

The best part about humans, is of one person developes a better rat trap, another 3 will develop smarter rats. 

So now you have to develop Faraday cage for your vehicle electronic controles.  Big Grin  While you are at it, one for your head.   Rolleyes
What? You don't shield your head? Oh, that's bad.
No problem. The next generation of OBD will include automatic GPS and remote engine stop for Feds and LEO to use, as well as microphones and video cameras to surveil the occupants. Hello, 1984. Orwell was just off a few decades.
(02-03-2017, 09:04 PM)Ballenxj Wrote: [ -> ]So one pass works across the whole U.S.?

Just researched it and looks like ez pass is used in 16 states and accepted at 25.  There are 24 states that don't have tolls.  So that gets you covered for 49 states.  Not sure which one is missing as this covers Alaska and Hawaii.  According to 2014 info on Wikipedia.
(02-04-2017, 07:46 AM)LeeRevell Wrote: [ -> ]No problem.  The next generation of OBD will include automatic GPS and remote engine stop for Feds and LEO to use, as well as microphones and video cameras to surveil the occupants.   Hello, 1984.  Orwell was just off a few decades.

This speaks volumes for older vehicles that use non computerized points, condenser, and carburetor run engines. My understanding is that they are not subject to all this nonsense?
I try to avoid certain "high technologies". My old "seadaddy", Seniorchief Normandin, told me, "All electronics will fail eventually, usually at the worst posible time!"
Add in abuse by certain agencies, and it is just not a good idea. Despite having spent my life working in the electronic and computer fields (or because of it!), I have become something of a neoluddite.
Also, mechanical systems are generally easier and cheaper to repair.
For even more paranoia (Hint:  They really ARE out to get you):  OnStar and Sirius XM
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