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Full Version: License Plate Surveilance
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(02-03-2017, 09:04 PM)Ballenxj Wrote: [ -> ]So one pass works across the whole U.S.?

Alas, no.  From the Wikipedia article on E-Z Pass:

"EZPass ETC transponders do not work on all toll roads in the United States. Currently, the E-ZPass electronic toll-collection system (as well as the other ETC systems that are part of the EZPass network) are not compatible with Florida systems including SunPass, California'sFasTrak, Kansas's KTag, Oklahoma's Pikepass, Texas's TxTag, Utah's Express Pass, Puerto
Rico's AutoExpreso, Georgia's Peach Pass and Cruise Card, or other ETC systems outside of EZPass operating regions."
(02-04-2017, 01:12 PM)Optimistic Paranoid Wrote: [ -> ]For even more paranoia (Hint:  They really ARE out to get you):  OnStar and Sirius XM

Thanks for the link.
My Dad was an electronics engineer trained by the navy in the forties. He told me long ago that every electronic device with a speaker, especially a telephone, could also be used as a listening device at the flip of a switch. The phone didn't even have to be off the hook.
I wish I knew more about what he knew back then. I can only imagine what technology is out there now. Dodgy

Quite possibly Princess Di was killed by something similar. '"They" are rarely behind the curve on such exploits.

Isn't this whole "all our gadgets connected to the Internet of Things" future looking rosy?

And so many "whacko X-files" conspiracy theories turning into "ho-hum that's just the way the world IS now, whatchagonnado? "

I think I liked it better before I understood Multiverse reality, this timeline's headlong acceleration into dystopia's really got me rattled. . .

[Image: ad5be50d88e9dd623187bde4b6df69a4.jpg]
(02-04-2017, 01:12 PM)Optimistic Paranoid Wrote: [ -> ]For even more paranoia (Hint:  They really ARE out to get you):  OnStar and Sirius XM

Don't forget Progressive's little Tattletale.
A few more tidbits for those who may be interested:

Debunking the 'nothing to hide, nothing to fear' fallacy

No 4th Amendment protection within 100-miles of U.S border

That last link is relevant to many of us who may boondock within 100-miles of a border, be it mexico, canada, or water. The Border Patrol has extra-Constitutional authority to search and seize any damn thing they please--no probable cause necessary. And if one may be tempted to reply to that with "So what? I've got nothing to hide" then I'll invite them to read the first two links in my reply Smile
I have some large rolls of tinfoil to sell.  Any buyers?  Rolleyes
The tinfoil dismissal's wearing pretty thin last few years, stuff accepted as fact with a shrug now would've got you hooted down not long ago.

Google Stingray use by local police forces, fact that buyer contract forbids LE and prosecutors from disclosing information about StingRay capability or use ** to judges and defense attorneys **, leaving the typical checks on police misconduct in the dark.

The agreement even allows the FBI to force state prosecutors to drop evidence or entire cases rather than reveal the use of StingRay surveillance. And that condition isn’t hypothetical; it has actually happened around the country, resulting in dangerous criminals being let go or given sweetheart plea deals in order to maintain secrecy.

Or LE is coached to construct an entirely independent investigation around the “lead” created by the StingRay to obfuscate the source of the evidence.

In legal circles, this practice is known as “parallel construction,” and it is particularly effective at concealing government investigative methods as well as government misconduct. 

Please donate your tinfoil money to EFF and ACLU

PS Our "national security" agencies did LSD and other mind-control experiments for decades on unwitting civilians off city streets.

Smuggled "illegal" drugs into the slums to finance much more illegal black ops Vietnam era, Contras, SOP fundraising.

Fact those drugs were criminalized in the first place was for racist social control from the beginning.

The escalation "war on drugs" was created by Nixon as a political tool to fight the radical blacks and hippies.

All of this is well-documented plain fact, just a little uncomfortable to stay in the public consciousness, but sure doesn't take much research to find authoritative sources.

I'm really very surprised to find unquestioning faith in the goodness of government employees on either side of any political fence these days.
I understand this stuff is uncomfortable for some people to work within their normal view of the world. Feel free to keep whistling in the dark, I think it's only going to be getting darker
One more:

Your employer can subscribe to all your LE encounters for a low low $13 for the rest of your life.

No potentials for abuse there, no way.
(02-04-2017, 03:34 PM)John61CT Wrote: [ -> ]I understand this stuff is uncomfortable for some people to work within their normal view of the world. Feel free to keep whistling in the dark, I think it's only going to be getting darker

Try to understand that your focus and your fears are not universal.  It's great that you're interested in this and passionate about it, but also respect that my view is different.  I simply do not care about any of this, if you need to name that based on your experience, that is your thing, not mine.

I spend my time seeking joy, trying to share time and space with other loving people.

Wishing you peace.  Heart
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