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Full Version: A Request on Debra's Behalf
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Earlier this week Bob Wells (CRVL site owner) made a blog post sharing Debra's dire situation.  At the time it was made, however, the link to her GoFundMe account was missing.  It's on there now.

I consider Debra a good friend and have seen, first hand, the positive effects on her health when living a quiet, stress-free life, in nature as a vandweller.  She is doing all she possibility can to slow or stop the loss of her abilities due to a traumatic brain injury (TBI), keeping herself out of a nursing home.

In fact, Debra (as tbivangirl) is a member of our forum, but finds it difficult to navigate due to her TBI, see --

In case you haven't rechecked the blog after the link was added, or didn't know of Debra's situation, please click on this link to read that post where Bob shares his support and Debra confides many more details --

And here is a direct link to Debra's GoFundMe campaign -- .  She has made several more updates, beyond what is shared on the blog post.

As Bob said "I hope you all respond from your heart and give what is comfortable for you."  Thanks much for your consideration.

Beautiful person, and a truly worthy cause. We are honored to help out.
We have extra build supplies from our van, extra buddy heater too. General delivery address??
Was happy to help Debra. I follow her on youtube. Hope to meet her one day.
Having been through a debilitating illness myself I was glad to help out a little. Looks like she may reach her goal!
Always enjoy her videos. Good luck
She's almost there, so glad to see folks helping make her life a tiny bit easier.
Couldn't afford much but I donated a few dollars.
(02-03-2017, 11:33 PM)jimindenver Wrote: [ -> ]Always enjoy her videos. Good luck

Just went and started watching a few more of her videos, what a kind soul.  Sure hope I get the chance to meet her one of these days.
I hope she'll get the funding she needs. It looks encouraging now.
It's good that the links are up there now, but there's one spot on bob's blog where it seems to lead to her login page, not the gofundme page that is linked above.
Fixing that link may help Debra get to the goal more quickly.
"I am asking for your help, through a GoFundMe Campaign (here), to maintain a stress-free lifestyle, in my van and in nature. In order to maintain this lifestyle, my van needs repairs and improvements."
It's there "here" where the link does not lead to the page .

I know there's more links in more spots and they are pointing to the correct page.
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