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I am not feeling so good. Not sure why I'm telling you, cuz well I don't even know you. I'm sure this moment will pass, but I really just want to bang my head against the wall until I can't feel anything anymore...  I posted pics of my pets to find good homes. I think when I am not being selfish it will just be better for them. I don't think staying with Big G is a permanent solution, just temporary til I can live somehow on the road, despite the many obstacles of that life that I can't wrap my little blonde head around... i.e. car maintenace, a proper vehicle, a job which I'm not sure I can handle physically and at this point mentally... The fact that driving is difficult for me and tremendously difficlult on busy or crazy highways... I am getting rid of pretty much anything I can't carry.. all that stuff that i "love". I am disappointed with my children who take and take and take and who by the way "know it all".... I could keep going but surprisingly I am drawing a blank. My neck is hurting, I probably did more than I should but it needs to get done. I either have a week here or a month, depending on money. I'm very sorry for this rambling, pity party, however I needed to get it out... please resume your regularly scheduled program... thanks for listening. Time to put Humpty together again.
You are feeling wild, mountain honey!

But we all have days like that, and sometimes it's just good to vent and get it all out.  Letting go of so much in a short amount of time can be very stressful, but take heart and things will get smoother soon.

Good luck and GodSpeed,

Ruck it up Butter-Cup... What you do have is a working plan that will bring you to a final destination and happiness... Nothing comes easy in any aspect of life, to include changing your life style... Truth be told those that see it through in this life style are truly free and happy for the first time in their lives, it is a great feeling being in control of your life...


Good advice from Bob and thing is WILL pass! Everything changes and as long as you feel it, recognize and talk about it and then move on, you will be fine...
Bob and Steve mention that making changes like you are doing is very stressful....take care of your self, spend time in prayer and meditation if you do that...or however you get in touch with your real self...and rest in that space...I often just stop and focus on my breathing for 3 or 4 breaths and let it calm down and deepen....then move on with the day...It has become the best moments of the day no matter what is happening....
I WILL be fine, thank you all very much. I think the final "straw" was posting my pets, especially my dog, for good homes. They truly are my best friends... Being that they are I need to do what is best for them.  Oh yes, I pray and I know God will see me thru, even when I can't imagine how...  I have much to be grateful for, many blessings.   Thank you all again

Hang in there, WMH! I can soooo relate, FWIW! Still haven't decided whether I'm gonna part with my beloved (albeit retarded) little dog myself. Giving her up would be tough, but so would living with her in a small RV, especially with limited facilities, so IDK. 

Don't feel bad about "venting"! Heaven knows, I've had to do it a bunch lately, but there are lots of great, supportive people here! 

Thank God U have faith, as do I. It's all that keeps me going through this mess! God bless! 

Thanks SJ! Much appreciated... Looking past all this, maybe one day we will all get to sit around some bon fire and laugh together! That is a nice thought! Will keep you in my prayers!

I'm sorry. Whats best for the animals-knowing what is right and then doing it. I know its hard.
Wildmountainhoney, I'm sorry it's tough for you right now!  The best part is, YOU KNOW you will get thru this. That's SOO HUGE! that's gigantically huge!  So be proud of yourself that you know this!

Leaving things you love behind is always hard.  I have 4 kids myself, and I'm sadly not able to take them with me, but I will get to see them all the time, and that makes it bearable.  The hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life was telling the kids I was moving out.

With Love,
Thank you Dragonfly and Tara!

Extra, extra hugs to you Miss Tara! I can only imagine how hard that must be! You are a brave and inspiring lady!
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