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As some of you know from the RTR I need some way to get my motorized wheelchair in and out of the van.  My Mulligan is 26" from the ground and trying to use and store a 13' ramp just isn't an option. Big Grin 

The mobility lifts are in the thousands of dollars, plus take up a bit of your doorway and cost to have them installed.

I began looking at workman's lifts, (no offense to working women) and pickup truck mounted lifts and all... and I came upon a "deer" lift that swivels.  It it a hitch mounted lift, hand crank that can be broken down into 2 sections for storing. It can lift 300 lbs and the tray/plate swivels around for loading into the van / truck whatever. I think I read on a different writeup that the whole thing only weighs about 45 lbs....

I like the idea that it isn't a crane with a boom mounted in the van doorway (yes I have to use the rear door for this now) and the two pieces weights are something I can probably handle on a good day (which is the only time I'd be using the chair alone...going to the zoo or Disney for long hauls that I cannot walk)... and light enough to ask for help with if needbe...

The main issue is it's a few inches too narrow.  IT's 36 inches long and I think 22 inches wide.  The standard motor chair is 26" wide.  They did this by design I'm sure because the mobility people couldn't take advantage of disabled people if they could all buy this type of item for less that $200 rather than more than $2000 for their "ada" compliant products (and yes I'm not even talking about the products that lift people in their chairs----these are costs for unoccupied lifts!!!  RIP OFFS.  ok rant over.)

I would need to use a small sturdy board to have full support of the chair....  and my assistant also suggested I could use it for heavy things like water jugs to get them into the van as well (hey just make a day of it, loading restocking the van!)... well while I'm in FL she will do it for me but still....


Do you have any links to better but still inexpensive products like this?   (As you can see the same company that sells the many thousand dollar mobility lifts also sell the deer lift)
DrJean, what type of van do you have? Can you post a picture of it or PM one to me?
Yes, Chitza is right, we need more info. A clear photo would be nice, weight and outside dimensions (length, width, height). Also, does it 'condense' into a smaller unit?
If you don't need your wheelchair inside the van and don't need your hitch for something else, this may be an option. You can purchase a weatherproof cover for the chair as well.

[Image: 9fde421948cef927daa3370dbabf78f8.jpg]

400# capacity.  At intri forum  My Mulligan post 7

Oh I had been using one of the rear carriers on the car until it was just too much effort! By the time I got the chair off I was too tired to do anything -- even put it back on!

The van is the high roof extended length Transit... two back doors that open wide.

Just wondering if anyone has info on a better lift that I could use...

I'm thinking a welder may be able to make you a larger deck for the deer lift. No harm in asking.  This may be a good solution.  Good luck.
Thanks. I've been all over those ramp sites for years.... the van floor is 26" high and so I would have to have a thirteen foot ramp to run the chair up it... and I will not have something that blocks any doorway. Wink

Yeah.... a welder... I know one who put my hitch on my car years ago... I think the lift is cheap enough to try it out... with a sturdy board first just to see if what the crank ratio/power required is... even if it's just for the water jugs and ham equipment or whatever... but I really need something for the chair... since it's 3 feet long, the vast majority of the chair will be fully supported so adding a board those few inches hangover it will merely support the one back wheel (and that weight).... would be easier than trying to strap it on (which was part of the issue with the rear carrier for the car....

I keep hitting a wall... still not recovered from the RTR trip.... disabled people take longer for most things I've found.
If you used a ramp via the back door you could install a winch inside your van to pull the chair (and you too on a bad day) up into your van. 

As for the dear lift. It's the same idea only on a davit system working against gravity. I guess you have to weigh your options and consider a plan B if anything breaks. Or maybe install another winch over the back door somewhere?

My uncle who suffered from MS used a ramp and winch system as a backup. His motorized chair usually got him up the ramp just fine. The ramp slid inside a false floor when the doors were closed. They make aircraft aluminum ramps now that fit inside a suitcase! Wow.
(02-10-2017, 06:51 PM)DrJean Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks.  I've been all over those ramp sites for years....  the van floor is 26" high and so I would have to have a thirteen foot ramp to run the chair up it...  and I will not have something that blocks any doorway. Wink
 Sounds like you need a telescoping ramp. These are used in the marine industry, called a "gangway". I'm positive there is something out there that will fit your application. Here's a link to start looking.
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