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Full Version: First Ehrenburg campfire
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Pic taken with tablet, so doesn't show just how nice it really feels

ahhhh nice. highdesertranger
I'm in Maine where the current temp outside is 7 degrees. So I can't even say how nice that looks right about now. My next road trip can't come soon enough.
That looks like it needs Smores!   Big Grin
Smores would be a treat, but the sad fellow I am, a 30 pack more than takes the place....
I aint no drinkin man.~~~ But temptation gets the best of me ~~~
Well I clicked it and then since I was on u tube I wandered around and found Rodney Carrington live at the Majestic in Dallas TX   " Put Your Clothes Back On " cracked me up   Big Grin I laughed so hard I woke up Queenie!   He may be too risque for some, but then I use to listen to Rusty Warren and Millie Jackson and still do at times.