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Full Version: Washington counties that allow RV parking?
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Hey, so since we are back in Washington state I am mulling over the idea again of getting a little parcel of property to park some stuff.

Does anyone have a list of which counties are more amenable to RV parking and/or living in the RV on the property without a lot of facilities other than maybe a septic system or large holding tank that you get pumped out?

An example is the town of Ocean Shores which allows 90 days per year of living in your RV on your property (yes don't get me started on how you are "allowed" to do something with what you own and pay taxes).   I do not know if the Grays Harbor county that is in has more lenient rules.

Other counties only allow 7 days a year.   Same rules in eastern Washington except they don't seem to be enforced as much...but it is a bit chilly over there.

The only reasonable prices for land are eastern Washington, on the coast, and some areas on the western side below Olympia.
One of the most relaxed counties when I was looking was Steven's County, North of Spokane. That was a couple years ago they still had owner-builder exceptions that gave you a lot more freedom to do what you want on your land. I never looked specifically about what they say about RVs or "camping" but some ads I saw implied you could, something to look into.

I am over all of that If I buy property it is going to already have legal housing and septic/outhouse in place so there can be no question. I had the displeasure of meeting Cruz Soto in Costilla County CO on land that wasn't even mine.
My encounter there told me that the new agenda being pushed is you must have a 1000+ gallon septic system or put your waste directly in the sewer system. They said "No way!!!" to incinerating or composting toilets(even USCG approved) and storage tanks.
I know the "easy" way is to have a house with well/septic on the property, but we might be leaving it vacant for months and it seems such a waste to have a house when our RV is so comfortable.  When we stay in a hotel I can't wait to get back to our sleep number queen mattress in the RV.   Probably because we built the RV ourselves and to our exact tastes.
I'm afraid that looking for such a place in Washington State will be fruitless. Money Talks and Common Sense Walks here in Effing Stupid Central. Like most places, WA has a two-headed god: Power and Money, and they're not going to replace it anytime soon.
Counties want tax revenue. Their financial interests are in you having the most expensive house possible. I would look into buying an existing mobile home property and renting out the mobile with the provision that you will have use of an RV pad.