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Full Version: Simple, cheap water pump
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I need a simple and cheap water pump to pump some water up out of a Jerry can into my built-in sink. I think I would like it to be battery powered so I can use my rechargeable batteries. Worst case, 12v. No solar or house batteries yet.


Yea I was going to bring up aquarium water pumps. They tend to be much smaller/lighter as well as smaller power consumption, but gallons-per-minute may be too low.

Ran across this guy which pumps a bit over a gallon per minute and is battery powered, so you can use rechargeable batteries.
Or, forget battery power all together and go with foot power at 2 gallons per minute:

or 4 gallons per minute:
Fountain and aquarium pumps may not be rated drinking water safe. RV pumps should be.
I wore out an expensive "whale' type of hand pump in several years of use. I then went with a much less expensive Valterra hand pump, and that lasted a few months and then met the business end of a sledgehammer with a flurry of curses.

I now Use a Jabsco 12v on demand pump. no accumulator, and will not be damaged by running dry as most other pumps. It has likely pumped more than 2x the amount of water compared to when my high$$ hand pump failed.

Here is the exact product I use,

but did find this which is much cheaper:

I consider the electrical consumption of my pump to be a complete non issue.

There is this thread from about a year ago:
Notes from a tankless hot water thread:

​FloJet 04405143A or Shurflo 2088-554-144 (same pump, different color plastic, both have the built-in pressure switch); this works even better with a Shurflo 182-200 mini pressure tank.

Recommend the Shurflo 255-313 mesh prefilter. Got everything from Amazon.

One design issue: the small DC pumps have very little draw, so mount them low
If it is about a 3' lift or less, a bilge pump for a boat should work. They are cheap.

They are 12 volt. You could power them from any rechargeable 12 volt tool battery, Dewalt, makita, etc.
go to farm supply store tsc would be a good one and look at their sprayer pumps most will carry same brand as rv stores for a lot less money
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