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Full Version: telescoping ladder for getting to solar panels
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I'm in the middle of a high top van build.  I will have tilt-able solar panels and need to get high enough to reach them from the sides of the vehicle.  I can't walk on the roof because it's fiberglass and crowded.  Just wondering if anyone has a telescoping ladder...if there is problems mechanically with one over time, or even a brand recommendation.
I bought a 12.5 ft Ollieroo and really like it so far. I'm around 210 and it hasn't had any issues. It did take a few times to realize that the weight of a full sized ladder was in such a small item.
I need a ladder for washing / maintenance. I'm leery though of leaning a telescoping ladder against the side of my trailer
I wrap the top ends with rags and tape and use an osha approved telescopic ladder
Good Idea
I may have an exaggerated idea of the fragility of travel trailers, my dealer said I could walk the roof of this one, although it might 'snap and crackle'
I saw Jimin Denvers ladder in action, that is a nice, compact item.

Over the past few years I have used one of these to get on top of both the van and trailer to clean or do repairs. Brand new I am sure it worked flawlessly, but I did recently have one of the stays give out while I was up there which caused me to go down... luckily slowly and not from very high up either. The other thing I do not care much for this style of ladder is that it actually weighs a lot.

You may be better off to install one or two van ladders and just not setting foot on top of the fiberglass. I am considering putting two on driver's side of my van (one right behind driver's door, and one near rear of van) and removing the rear-door ladder all together.
I have carried a 14' telescoping ladder with me for getting to the roof of my motorhome. It was not cheap, but has worked well the few times I have needed it when on the road.

The good news: great quality. The bad news: having to purchase it from Camping World. Don't EVER EVER EVER give them your email address.

Just my opinion.
thanks for the replies!
I have thought about making a fold down shelf to use as a table on the side of mine to use as a table but it could be used as a platform to access the roof.
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