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Full Version: Tin Can Tourists
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After watching The History of the RV posted by WaldenBound were they mentioned these folks, I became curious to see if that organization was still around? I did a google search and found they not only are, but are still having events.
Thought you guys might enjoy this. Smile
Here's a link to their site.
That 1st one...OMG That was so pretty and frankly if I owned it, it would ONLY be in storage as I'd want to keep it looking pristine...
We have been members of TCT for abt five years now; great folks, welcoming and very friendly. Even though the group is vintage trailer targeted, they welcomed my wife and I with our Peterbilt Motorhome with open arms. We attend both national gatherings, spring and fall, at Camp Dearborn in Milford, MI every year. There are gatherings all around the country all the time. Check their web page for complete information.
Most of the ones I see in my area are in the fishing and hunting season. 

Most young families go for the pop up tent campers.   Those with the tin cans
are usually with teen kids and when they leave the nest Mom and Dad will
go camping in it on the week ends or find a place with scenic appeal to park it
in the nicer months for a Summer Home.

I enjoyed watching the video last night myself and thought "Ham Can's"
when I saw those small trailers.  

There are some Guys from my area who have purchased them and travel to work.
They keep them in National Parks near Washington DC to live in (move every couple of weeks)
and they have trucks that they built  for their welding equipment as they work as welders and
steel workers.  Often one stays at the trailer on a week end while the others come home to visit.
Then they take turns rotating so a different one stays behind each week.