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Full Version: Meet The Brits Turning To Unconventional Housing To Save On Rent
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Meet The Brits Turning To Unconventional Housing To Save On Rent
People are living in “tiny houses”, timber woodland structures, and canal boats – and one YouTuber has set up home in a converted ambulance.

The UK housing crisis is leaving millions of people unable to save for price-rocketing properties – the average deposit for a first-time buyer is around £33,000. A shortage of housing has meant that even the rental market has become unaffordable for some.

BuzzFeed News spoke to Brits who are avoiding this by making their bed in unorthodox places, sometimes under the radar of planning laws, including a student who lives in a van in Canterbury, sculptors who call a “world” of shipping containers their home, and a woman who “guards” empty properties from squatters. Their lives aren’t without compromises, but all say they’re happy with the choices they’ve made.  <Read more ...>
Some are interesting. The first one should be saving as she needs to have heat, light and a working motor....
I thought she had a woodstove, that's heat, at least
A Motor would for sure come before going out, for me
Hell, an electric battery powered trolling motor would be better than how she;s doing it now
Keep in mind that some people are new to this style of living. It's far more difficult to do this in Britain than it is in the U.S.