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Full Version: Nice Cable Crimpers
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I picked up these 16 Ton Hydraulic Wire Battery Cable Lug Terminal Crimper Crimping Tool for $40 on a Black Friday special.
[Image: 51l68RVX9YL.jpg]

I had no idea if it was a good choice or not, especially after reading all the "Greatest Ever!" and "Chinese Junk!" reviews. Turns out I'm really glad I got them...I've had to crimp 16 lugs so far and being able to do it myself has made this so much simpler and better. I see the price is back up to $55, but I'd still call it a deal. I've actually had two people want to buy them off me (I'll probably sell when finished)...I think it'd be easy to sell'em for 50% off to the next person.

Here's a lug I cut open because I wanted to see what it looked like inside the crimp. The #1 awg is made up of around 20 wire strands:

[Image: df085dcd-df4b-48db-b853-2bbd1e8b906f_zpsy3wjt5kf.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20170218_120259_zpsmekdhbol.jpg]

As you can see, the copper was cold-fused into a solid piece. If you look closely you can see that I over-crimped the lug and created little flares/flanges where lug squeezed between the dies. Turns out the copper squeezed in too, so thinking it's not a weakness.

The reviews that criticized this product because the included die sizes don't match any known wire gauge standard, and the two halves don't align perfectly, are certainly correct from what I can tell. However, simply by paying attention I found it easy to get crimps that look fine...and now I can see they are functionally good too.
Excellent, thanks! What's the thickest gauge AWG it will handle?

Here's some great info on the topic at a very high standard, how to really test for connection quality.

And for those wanting to get top-notch custom wires, many rave about ​ as very good quality, service and value.

Dunno about these guys ​
I have that crimp tool, it works great. I believe 4/0 is the largest it will do. You can avoid the ears by rotating the lug as you compress it.
Good to hear! I've had that on my Amazon wishlist for a couple months now.
I got a cheap pair like that.  I think 8 ton.  That makes a complete difference in crimping ends.  I mostly do things the old fashoned way.  I just do it.  Build it strong the first time, and there does not have to be a second time