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Full Version: Canadians in the USA
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Can anyone here share your experience with regard to my intention to travel in the US.  As a Canadian, are there special requirements or challenges I should be aware of?  I understand that medical insurance could be a issue.  

I was originally going to stay in Canada until I began reading the posts here and realised how great the south is for wintering.
Traveler medical insurance is available. do not know the limits. you can also get medical evacuation insurance.
 Take your time and REALLY read the small print. Often, the insurance isn't good for squat since they word things in such a way that almost anything you do violates the contract. ..Willy.
A friend in canada told me you can't be out of canada more then 6 months for your health insurance.
Working in the US may be an issue if that is what you would need to do. I don't know anything about that.


Take your time and REALLY read the small print. Often, the insurance isn't good for squat since they word things in such a way that almost anything you do violates the contract. ..Willy

I think all insurance is a scam.  Insurance is gambling that something bad will happen to you.  I prefer to believe that things will be be just fine.  If life throws a curve and I get hurt or sick, then I can deal with it as it comes.

Mostly, I was thinking about travel visas and such.  I don't want to be deported because the border has me on record as crossing in October and some cop bothers me in March.

My sister was deported 3 times in her life while travelling on foot in the US.

I live in washington state. For me to go to canada, we can get an endorsement on our drivers license that allows us to go to canada. I believe it is different then a visa or passport. I'm not familar with it. Maybe check with your drivers license office. If they don't know, maybe they can steer you in the right direction. I believe there is a limit to your stay of 6 months also in the US. Don't know much about it, and maybe not helping you much. These are things I  have heard. Good luck.

 I'm in B.C. and got myself an enhanced rivers license and don't need a passport or anything else to travel in the USA.
What's a rivers license? Does that mean you can only enter on a white water raft. LOL.


I had to have my insurance company give me a special intra-national ins. card to travel to British Columbia on my moto trip in September...this is required by the Canadian federal govt.  it is only good for 30 days. I don't think there is a requirement like that for a Canadian national coming here to the US....

I would say a couple things I would be aware of....and one is the health care issue. When I have needed treatment in Canada I was treated for free as a traveler. We have no such thing here since the healthcare system in the US is a for-profit industry. Even with the new Obama plan...

Your best bet in the US is to go to what we call a doc-in-the-box clinic. They are more and more available in more urban areas and are a walk-in clinic where you will be seen by a nurse practitioner or a PA or Physician's assistant. You will usually get pretty good emergency care for as cheap a price as you will find in the US.

The other thing is that I know that I always feel far more safe and comfortable in Canadian campgrounds just due to the fact that not everyone is armed to the teeth. Here that just isn't the case. Nuff said....
Have a good trip and may it be peaceful.
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