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Full Version: I need to buy a tv
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I started looking online tonight for a 12v tv. My choices are very limiting and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.

I really would like an excellent HD pic and smart option. I don't think I can fit anything bigger than 13 or 14 inches in the spot I'll have to put it.

My eyes aren't the greatest is why I want the very best picture I can get.

Really need a TV? Or would a good quality laptop be more useful? Laptops and tablets tend to have a better display and are multifunctional and portable.
I have a several year old 12 volts 13.3 inch TV, RCA branded.

Seems this same display size is used by many many brands.

Not sure the resolution but it could not really be any crisper to take advantage of 1080i broadcasts.

It appears this is the latest version of it.

Mine, about 2 years ago started flickering a bit from the middle bottom and would clear up, then started from the side. I recently opened it up to investigate, and found the ribbon connector to the LCD screen itself was not fully seated. So I pressed them further together.

It no longer flickers. Watching it right now. Draws about 0.9 amps, but this depends on brightness and volume setting and the brightness of the screen it is displaying. If hooked to 12v, but turned off, it has nearly a 0.1 amp parasitic draw as it awaits the signal from the remote to turn on, So I put an inline switch on the power cord.

I put mine on a 4 foot Oak Swingarm wth 2 elbows, so I can swing it over my head when lying in bed, or towards the middle of my van when sitting in my 3rd chair, or any spot within that 4 foot radius.

It comes with a Ciggy plug power cord, and at only 0.9 amps, or about 1.4 amps when spinning a DVD, this will pose no issues to the crappy connector which is the ciggy plug and receptacle.

I am not sure my DVD player works anymore. I know it did not work with the homemade DVD I last tried, but perhaps would with a Store bought one. Not a factor.

While my Laptop screen is about the same size, its minimum electrical consumption is 3x that of the TV.
Patha I do have a tablet I use but I'd like to have a TV also. Thank you for the suggestion

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Sternwake, I couldn't see if that was Internet ready or not. Do you know? Thanks for giving me more to ponder.

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I do not believe it is a smart/ internet ready TV. Mine however does have many many inputs so an external unit should not be hard to hook up, but that speciality is outside my knowledge.

I do not know if you will find any in the 13 inch size range that are a smart TV. I don't see much of a market for them, but again, not my forte.
Check at truck stops. I got one at pilot on sale for $139.00 with dvd player. These are built for the rough road. It was a 19in.
There are plenty of 12v tv's...however smart 12v, no.
Many TVs these days actually run on 19v and come with a wall adapter. You can get a 12v to 19v adapter for around $20 and use it instead of that adapter.

Just go look at the TV in person and see if there is a round power connector with 19vdc written next to it, or sometimes online they will list a 110v to 19vdc adapter as one of the included accessories. There are a LOT more tvs available for 19v with more features than there are 12v.

I did this with my computer monitor and it works great!
Thanks Reducto. I guess I thought that if I had to use an adapter I would lose a lot. That would sure free me up for options. I think I'll go to sams club today. They have a ton of rvs on the floor.

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