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Full Version: One gallon sprayer $5
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Some vandwellers use this type of thing for showering.  I think this is a good price at
I've seen many recommendations for using those sprayers, but they look awkward with those long, rigid wands.  Can any of them be removed, so you can use just the sprayer and the hose?  Or maybe replace the hose with a longer one?
Good deal on the sprayer.
Yes you can replace the hose and do away with the wand. Just add a kitchen sink sprayer head and hose for a great setup. There's more information on the web on how to build one than you'll ever want to know.
The next size up is much more usable. 2 1/2 gallons gives you more than enough for a good shower and shampoo, even with long hair.

I replaced the short hose with 6 ' of hose so I could hang it over something taller than I. Instead of a kitchen sprayer that is a trigger style I got a replacement RV shower head - the type that has the on/off push pin style so I'm not wasting water but don't have to have a hand on the trigger when I am shampooing or rinsing.
AlmostThere, how do you anchor the shower head? Do you use a privacy tent?