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Full Version: Are the 'america the beautiful/access camping pass' worth getting?
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  Hi, I was wondering if anyone else had an America the Beautiful Pass?  I looked into it on the national parks website and it said it offered discounts for overnight camping at national parks and forests.  I am going to get the Access pass since I'm on disability from a work accident (darn back problems) and wasn't sure how big or small the discounts would be.  Guess it depends on what park I guess. 

 Yes , it's definitely worth it even if you have to pay for a yearly pass. You'll get into all federal areas for free.

 If you get an Access pass or the old folks pass (sorry,forgot the real name   ) you'll get into the parks for free and also get half price camping at all federal areas. This is really good at Corp of Engineer's parks because many times you can get electrical sites ,sometimes even full hookups , for about $10.00 a night.

I will definitely get one! Thanks
The  $80 card is worth it if you visit national parks and forests that charge admission.  Buy it the 1st of a month and it's good for 13 months.  National parks will have free admission Apr 16-24.
Cool thanks!
Where do you get these passes?
At the entrance to any national park. I got mine at Yellowstone at the West entrance.

Three ways to get them:

Straight from the National Parks Service.
I was lucky enough to get the senior pass back when it was $10 for a lifetime.
Very worth it. We get into expensive national parks for free and camping is often cheap, about $10. Others are paying big bucks to get in the park and then paying high prices for camping. Even if we just drive through a park, it is a nicer drive for us and free. We have the older senior pass.
I will bump this up with a current link on how to obtain a free, lifetime valid, National Park Service Pass for persons who have proof of permanent disability.

from information I have seen on some websites persons with diabetes may qualify for this pass but you must double check that with the pass providers to verify the information. Until you do verify it consider it to be heresay rather than an absolute truth.
The term "free" also needs a qualifier. If you do it by mail there is a handling/shipping $10.00 fee. That is a reasonable fee for not having to drive somewhere and wait in line. There may be a wait of about 4 to 6 weeks during the summer time due to high a volume of customers and not enough staff on hand to handle that volume.
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