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Full Version: Heat Block: XPEL Prime XR Window Tint
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Hey y'all,

I have a a window van (not a cargo van) and came across this youtube video.
But this might also be of interest for cargo van dwellers, as this can also be used on the front windows (windshield).

This guy demonstrates with a BTU-meter how this window tint film called XPEL PRIME XR actually blocks a lot of heat penetrating your van.
  • He has a heat lamp that produces 917 BTU of heat.
  • Then he puts  a basic dark tint film in between and it  blocks aprox. 150 BTU.
  • He goes through a couple others, and then he puts a dark XPEL PRIME XR tint film and it seems to block approx. 700 BTU.
  • But since anything dark absorbs heat, he shows the lighter tint of XPEL PRIME XR and this blocks approx. 800 BTU.

I have huge windows all over and windows is the place where most of the heat comes in. So, I think this would actually be a good idea, including all the windows up front in the cabin.

Has anyone installed this?

I would like a BTU blockage figure of bare glass, then one with one layer of the Film applied, rather than an open air blockage of just the film.

if it is indeed effective and cost effective then it would be a great addition in summertime, possible retain more heat in winter too.
I watched that video a while back and just assumed it was out of my price range! Would love to know actual cost!

Thought I saw you got the base vehicle a couple days back.?.? Time to change the tag line.

I keep looking for the pictures of the work you plan to do.


I also want to know the cost.
Hey...went to their web site.....the have NO authorized installers in the USA.
I too want to see more research on this. a heat lamp basically puts out infrared light only with very little visible light. sun light puts out a full spectrum of light(heat). I also saw that vid awhile back. I would like to see the temp difference of 2 identical vehicle in full sun light, one with the tint and one without. I am not saying it doesn't work but I am not convinced by their little display. that tint is also super expensive. highdesertranger
Kat I also went to their web site they have several installers in the US. . another point in the winter don't you want the heat from the sun warming your interior? highdesertranger
I can't speak on THAT tint, but standard solar control type tint does make a difference, I had it on a cab I drove
Why not just get some Reflectix and velcro, and block the windows when you don't want the heat of the sun coming in?

Also, does that material also block heat from LEAVING the van, or does it only work one way?
so far as I know, only works one way
would you want to drive with reflectix on your driver's window, and the corresponding passenger side window?
Or would tinting those sound like a better idea? I sunburn very easily
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