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Since i live in Canada and it gets damn cold here, im putting together a plan to add some much needed insulation to my rig. Im planning on using styrofoam R-6 rigid foam boards of 1 1/2 inch thicknesss that will be glued right to the existing panels on the inside of the rig using appropriate construction adhesive. Inside the cuboards, on the side walls, ceiling (2'') and anywhere else im loosing heat. As the panels are generally unatractive anyway, i plan to cover the foam in the spring with something that looks better. Also on the underside of the rig i will use expanding foam to get some added holes/areas covered. My floor area is 160 square feet, so with the rigs furnace and my Mr buddy i think will be adequate for heating. Please chime in anyone who has some knowledge in this area as im always open to new ideas and ways of doing things.
Thats actually how I will be doing this. The pink or blue boards and foam where there are holes. I don't have a Mr Buddy yet but I have a Coleman heater,the smallest one.
This is one of my biggest worries... heat! I really hate the cold weather and it even makes my body hurt! Whatever I do I will have to do a great job at insulation. I do not have a mr buddy heater yet and to be honest it kinda worries me. I was watching a video on youtube and this guy was using one but the thermometer said it was only 41 degrees in his van ... OMG I would die! Here is the vid... enjoy!

The foil faced rigid insulation has an r value of 6.8 per inch and is more rigid, can be installed with regular construction adhesive or contact cement.
It comes in 4x8 sheets and you can glue cloth or paper to it with titebond water based glue. I have even wallpapered over it.

A slick way to cut the stuff is with a straight edge and the back edge of a wide putty knife- just drag the PK like it was a regular kitchen knife, the thinner the blade the easier the cut, no sawdust, and nice clean cuts.

My step van is insulated with 1" between the ribs, and 1 1/2" over that-I have no problem keeping warm in Northern Vermont with a small catalytic propane heater as long as I keep the curtain closed between the living space and driver compartment.



Insulation  factors  are set  by  capturing  air  so it dosnt move . Thats  all insulation does , traps air so it dosn't move  Rigid board will  work  Best  if you  stand it off your  wall 1/4 inch  and  seal  it  so  the  air  traped in this 1/4 inch  space  wont move. A good  medium  to  use in this  1/4 inch space is double foil faced  bubble  wrap,  next  to the  skin  of your  vehical , with  A double foil  faced  foam insulation board  to  keep  radiant energy  from the sun  out   and your  warm or cold  air  radiant energy in.   Regular  white foam board , the kind that makes little beads when  you  rub on it ,  is  actually  the best  over the  blue or pink rigid  foam board .  Why ?   because it is made with, and  traps  more air .  if you  cant  find  a double  foil  faced  in  regular  white ,  Make it  your self  by  laminating  kitchen  foil  to both sides  using  super  77 adheasive.  
 In  these  small  spaces with "thin"  insulation,   Radiant  energy  loss or  gain  is  a much bigger problem than actual Air heating or cooling.  Use, or  make , the double foil insulation  and use regular  white foam cores .  I have seen white foam with double foil backing, but it was 1/2 inch  thick at lowes   NO PROBLEM ! actually  BETTER !  Double or triple  it up. foil foam foil foam foil  foam  foil , for  the  best   you can get  at  radiant energy  gain or loss. If you  can keep  the  radiant  energy  at  bay, heating or cooling  the  air   is  easy  and quick

Don't forget the weather stripping around all the doors... You can add more to the side opposite the existing weather stripping for a good wind/cold proof seal...
very good ideas, thanks people

i like the idea of the bubble foil wrap against the wall before i lay down the foam. The foil wrap is cheap here about $1 buck per foot for a 54" wide piece. It gets to -35 here in the winter sometimes, so it has to be very well insulated. Im also thinking about wrapping my batteries (starting and deepcycle) in neoprene/bubble wrap to keep them warmer as well. Although in those temps, the rig will get started everyday and run up to operating temperature.I also plan on some insulated skirting all around when im in one place for a while. and an electric heater under my rig inside the skirting when its really cold.
Ok a little bit of an update here on this insulating job. I finished my first layer with double reflective bubble foil wrap glued to the walls and ceiling with acoustical sealant. Wow! what a difference that has made. I also made a cover that fits between the drivers cab and my living area. It was -1 a few nights ago and using only my 1500 watt heater the inside temp was 21.5 or around 74 for my American brethren. This is before i even put on the Styrofoam board. I also noticed it is much cooler on hot days inside the rig. I will keep you updated. I used regular duct tape to tape up all the seams.
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