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Full Version: Anyone Boondocking in the Atlanta metro area?
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In about 3 weeks, I'll be moving to the Atlanta metro area.

Anyone boondocking in the area. How have your experiences been?
A big sprawling Southern city like Atlanta, Walmarts are a safe bet; most everywhere else you have to play the cat and mouse game with the local cops.
Thanks. Here in my hometown, I've been approached by the police a few times but they were all cool. I was honest and told them the situation. One cop even gave me a few places to park for safer surroundings. None of the Cops have given me a hard time. One cop wanted to check to ensure I wasn't dead.

I'll check out WM....thanks.
I have a friend in Atlanta and I've visited him a couple times. I've had no problem parking in shopping plazas, dirt roads on the outskirts, etc.
Walmarts in Atlanta (and lots of other places in GA) don't allow camping/boondocking. See this website:
(03-18-2017, 12:16 PM)Randy Kencade Wrote: [ -> ]In about 3 weeks, I'll be moving to the Atlanta metro area.

Anyone boondocking in the area. How have your experiences been?

"In the area", might work.  I am a Georgia native and 40 years around Atlanta.  You will be hard pressed to find any opportunities inside the perimeter (285) unless you are very cleaver.  I don't think any Wally World locations are opened past midnight close to the city, therefore you might not want to try it.  Plus, I would not think some of them safe.

Up I-85 and I-75 to the north is what i know best.  There are Walmarts and Cracker Barrel stores all up both of these interstates and you can stay at some of those. I have stayed and many people do stay, at the Walmart on Lawrenceville-Suwanee Dam Rd near I-85 (30 minutes north of downtown Atlanta or 1-1/2 hours plus during rush hour.....). You could then commute with the rest of the horde into the ATL.  Way up I-85 and then I-985 is Wilson Shoals WMA,  About 3500 acres and I think you can camp for free there.  Way up I-75 you can find Pine Log Mountain WMA and I know you can camp there.  I have done so several times when I started a new job in White Georgia and had no money for anything! Both of these are car or van accessible but I question weather you can get an RV into them.  I did a discription of Pine Log on  Georgia has a pretty good site for hunter info and if you look up Georgia hunting regs online and then find the WMA section, it will tell you which WMAs you can boondock in. Most of them I think.  Lastly, I did this in June and it was HOT!!!!!!!, but, in a tent after dark it got cool enough to sleep well, and by morning, I had to have some light cover, so it was doable. 
                                                          Good luck, kindersir.