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Full Version: Are most Vehicle Dwellers Single
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I am soon to become single after 30 years of marriage. Plan to retire in July of 2018 at age 63 1/2. Insurance on Cobra until Medicare, I've got to have insurance due to some ongoing permanent medical problems. I will either rent an apartment or buy an RV until then, as I will give up the home to keep my retirement account. I've got a 2003 Aliner Expedition but that is just too small for me for full-timing. Hope to buy a RV soon if I can find what I want and one that I can afford.  If I do there is a monthly campground nearby that requires a one year lease. Will live there until retirement and then take off for the southwest, I am in the southeast now.

This lifestyle seems to be one of individuals that are not mainstream, not intending that to be insulting, just the way it is.  Are most of you folks on here living as a single? 

I don't think you can put any of us in any one box. We're all ages, all genders, coupled and not coupled, cat owners, dog owners, on the road and full time in place. There's no single category in which any one person will fit. There are plenty of singles here, and plenty of couples
Not saying it can't be done, but being a non-wealthy older guy to start with, living out of a vehicle definitely doesn't make things easier out there in the "marriage market", even less so in the "Tinder etc" arena.

Full-time live-aboard even on a nice yacht is hard enough, ask me how I know. 8-)
I disagree. If your chosen lifestyle is rv living it would be better to live in an RV single than to get a nice sticks and bricks to attract someone or have a larger pool of people to attract with interests/lifestyles that aren't going to line up with yours anyways. It's easy to get in that mindset that not many people are doing something so it will be impossible to meet someone, but that's never true. A small percentage of people doing something in the US still equates to a lot of people. If only 1% of the people in the US are vehicle dwellers, that's still 3.2 million people. I've read countless blogs where someone met their husband or wife while vehicle living. And i'm sure it's led a few people out of marriage too

So to anyone scared of vehicle dwelling over fear of being single forever, i'd say that's more a self inflicted view than anything.
Well, some would say that i can afford to be irresponsible and live in a van because I don't have anyone else that I need to be responsible for.

I'm choice to a point...I haven't settled for mediocre. Having said that, I would choose to be able to share my life with someone if I could find someone who was interested in RV-living and traveling like me. I have wondered how hard it's going to be to meet someone in this lifestyle with not being in one place long enough to form long-term friendships/relationships.
The larger the RV, the greater the likelihood it's occupied by a couple. Wink
I'm not sure what you mean by "mainstream" ... but I think you mean 9-5ers with a spouse, 2 kids and a dog? hahahah Sometimes I think van dwellers ARE the main stream, in that sense, and the rest of them are slightly OCD.
I currently "live" in one of my RVs about four months out of the year, give or take... usually traveling. I lived in a 23' Airstream full-time for a year in 1987. It was really a "fringe" lifestyle then. It was very difficult to find a place to park an RV full-time, and there were NO amenities anywhere. It's been interesting over the years to watch as it has grown into an almost mainstream lifestyle taking in folks from every walk of life, age group, and income level. And the reasons for adopting that lifestyle are as varied as the folks who do it. I always enjoy listening to folks' stories. AND it's even more interesting to listen to how they've adapted... or not.
(04-04-2017, 01:09 PM)Knox Al Wrote: [ -> ]This lifestyle seems to be one of individuals that are not mainstream, not intending that to be insulting, just the way it is.  Are most of you folks on here living as a single? 


I think what you may be seeing here is part and parcel of the 'cheap rv living' thing! There's a whole passel of couples out there full-timing it but for the most part they've got 2 pension checks coming in so they live a completely different lifestyle than some of here do. They tend to hang out with a different crowd.... Big Grin
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