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Full Version: Anybody use the Skeeter Beater?
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I'm talking about these magnetized mosquito-netting panels for your windows:

I think it's a great idea, but I was looking up the panels for my intended vehicle, and I'm thinking, "54 dollars? Really?" I mean, what would it cost somebody to buy some mosquito netting, cut it to size and then slap it onto the window frame with some magnets?
I don't think the price is too bad for those of us who don't want to do the work! Can anyone tell me about this no see um thing? I'm guessing it's a tiny mosquito? I'm in the midwest, so mosquitos, ticks and chiggers are insects I have to protect against here... I'm really not a seamstress, so making my own screens has been a daunting thought for me since I started this adventure!
I bought some camo mesh screen on sale at Walmart a while back for the purpose of cutting and putting across my front windows to keep mosquitoes out. I have it cut to size and have a bunch of the round magnets. Takes a handful to get it fairly tight. Was thinking of trying some of the strip magnets but not sure if they are strong enough.

If the screens you linked to fit tight and decent quality mesh it might be almost as cheap as making my own. Probably not but I did do a search before starting on doing it myself. I was going to put them across the window on the inside since it is all metal on mine.
I bought a pair and they fit/work great.
(04-08-2017, 04:40 PM)AbuelaLoca Wrote: [ -> ]Can anyone tell me about this no see um thing?

They're tiny little biting, flying insects that are common to more northern climes.

They actually bite as compared to mosquitoes that sting.

The noseeum netting is fine enough to prevent their entry as compared to the larger mesh of mosquito netting.

I'm putting regular window screen in the up top window in the high top that is missing but for my lower level doors and windows, it will definitely be noseeum mesh for there.
No-see-ums are tiny BITING bugs in huge swarms we generally get around salt water in Florida...........not a big "sucking" blood draw but damn annoying and itchy..........

The Beaters are made by handicapped workers so you get a little "feel-good" support by purchasing them........

In my case with my cats I plan on making some shaped wood-framed custom fit screens........firmly attached to inside the doors with threaded restrain the girls  and avoid the bugs

I made my own for a tenth of the price.
No sewing, if you want to go that route. Just trim a panel of netting to fit a little larger than your passenger and drivers window. Then hold the net up carefully as you close the door. The weatherstripping holds the net in place. Windows can be lowered or raised without removing the screen (for safety or rain).
On my side sliding doors, I made a large panel that is held in place with a bunch of small magnets.
When not in use, all the screens pack up in door's cubby.

Another solution is those magnet screen doors for your house. They are often on sale for $10-$20 range.  Plenty of material for two front windows..possibly enough for a side door and both front windows  too?

No SeeUm netting is much finer, i.e., smaller holes than mosquito netting. NoSeeUm net is known to restrict a bit more airflow.

Here's a place that sells prepacked sizes or they do custom lengths too. I bought mine there.
You can use a hot glue gun instead of sewing and make a nice screen with installed magnets for cheap. My daughter is real crafty with hot glue and constantly amazes me with the stuff she build using it.
Mosquitos do not sting.

A female mosquito can insert its probiscus, located on its head, suck up a fill of blood and be gone long before the anticoagulant makes the "bite" itch.

It's the itch that is the problem, absent malaria.

Stingers are usually on the butt end and are used in defense.

Flies bite.

Summers at a small lake near Duluth. Makes one appreciate cold weather.
Oh yeah. I also bought the skeeter beaters.

They work. They are well made. I stash them under the seats. Never an issue.

They work over rain guards.

I have attached mine inside for some occasions, that I cannot remember at this moment. The magnets work even on the rounded inside window frame.

Do not drive with them on.
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