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Full Version: Just carpet and sheet metal floor in Safari?
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I noticed that the carpet was very warm in the Safari while pulling clothes and linens out of the van that have been stored to wash them at home.  I had seen previously that there appears to be no underlayment of any kind in the "cargo" area.  I'm not physicaly or finacialy able to do a proper remove and rebuild at this time.  I see that Tractor Supply has a 4x6 trailer mat for $35 thru today.  Would this work as insulation? Could I just lay it over the carpet for now?

I also have pieces of both plywood and OSB in 1/2 and 1/4in wood these work?  This is not a urgent issue as right now the van is a daily driver & hauler of "stuff" [crap]  Huh  Too much crap makes my hair stand up in the air!!!!

I'm doing house work  Huh today so can go pick 1 up while the sale is on.  


I've had good luck with an inch or two of foam insulation covered with 1/4" ply.