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Full Version: lizard skin / hy-tech insulating paint
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I came across a conversation and recommendation of Lizard Skin product.  The manufacturer has two products (and more) - Ceramic Thermal Insulation Coating and Sound Control. Price point with both are quite high...while searching for alternatives, not sure if Hy-Tech product is a step above, equal to, however do know priced lower than the Lizard Skin. HyTech = 1) Radiant Barrier Paint Coating by Hy-Tech 2) HyTech Insulating Ceramic Paint (reviews)

Question: Anyone experienced with any of the products above either in conversation or real life? Intrigued by the Hy-Tech testimonial page.

 (YouTube video) LizardSkin Ceramic Insulation ICE Demo

  (YouTube video) 49 Chevy Step Van -- Real life Lizard Skin demo

  Lizard Skin conversation online

  More conversations...

Let me know what you think; good bad ugly.
SternWake says it's garbage and I believe him.
My experience was with Hytech, not lizard skin, and I truly wish i never heard of it, tried it, and have to deal with the ramifications of its use( shitty rough paint job which collects dirt like sandpaper)
Thanks! I wasn't clear in my first post (apologies) -- looking for "inside" products for sound and thermal properties. Being able to shoot on the inside, if what it claims, may be a plus. Likely not to be seen or felt. Seeking materials tried and true results...willing to spend the money if I can find it.