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Full Version: How to keep your head, face, ears and neck warm while sleeping in freezing temps
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Sleeping when its 35 degrees and lower I'm all covered up with sleeping bags and blankets.  However, my head, ears, face and sometime neck are pretty cold tho.  I've tried sleeping with a beanie to cover my head and ears but its uncomfortable, too tight and slip off easily when I toss and turn.  I've tried wrapping a towel around my head & ears, and another one around my neck, it worked ok but still cold and bulky.  I guess I just got to keep trying different combo, ways and methods until I find something thats comfortable for me.

I'm gonna to try Columbia fleece head band and a neck gaiter to see how that feels, I have a feeling the head band is gonna be squeezing my head tho.  

If that doesn't work, gonna try a NorthFace warm-lined trappers hat w/earflaps, I wonder how comfortable it is to sleep with the trapper?

Anyone sleep in a Clava?

What do you guys use?
When I backpack I use a long beanie. I understand what you mean about the comfort level but you learn to go with it. I pull it down over my eyes and it doesn't fall off. I also use a Buff around my neck.

When things are expected to get below freezing I take a fleece-lined balaclava and wear that at night. It does make a difference.

You sound like you have the opposite problem to me...I have a tiny head and everything is too big, never anything too tight.
warm water bottle?
I use a hooded fleece sweatshirt.

The hood is way big so it comes out and covers my cheeks and forehead, the hoodie part keeps my neck warm and it's cozy as all heck. I've gotten used to it kind of smooching around when I toss and turn so I'm used to just smoothing it out so it's not all lumpy under my head.

The only part of me that gets even slightly cold is my nose and I've found no solution to that yet. I can't bear having my nose under the covers.... Rolleyes

I tried the buff but it felt tight on my head and I'd have to wake fully up to fuss with it. I don't do that with the hooded sweatshirt.

I do keep it strictly for sleeping in during the colder months. One shouldn't wear to bed any of the clothing that you wore during the day.
(04-17-2017, 06:55 AM)gsfish Wrote: [ -> ]I sleep in a mummy bag. The colder it gets the smaller I draw the opening down.

Yeah. I achieve the same effect with my king sized down quilt I have from my house dwelling years. It's big enough that I can pull it over my head and leave just my nose and mouth uncovered. And since the quilt isn't a bag I don't feel restricted.

But if someone is the type of sleeper that moves around a lot, maybe something like a down balaclava would do the trick.
Ski mask 

Worked great for me. 

It also scares the bejesus out of anyone that knocks on the door late.   Big Grin
I have a fleece head cover like a balaclava, works well once it gets colder
I've also just laid a light blanket over my head in the past
when I used to backpack in the winter, I found that the best thing was a silk balaclava under a fleece balaclava in a mummy bag with a silk bag liner. Silk feels...well... silky. And it breathes and helps keep you warm. Silk long underwear is good too under a layer of something synthetic that wicks moisture away. The biggest thing for me is to not put my head under the covers because if you do that, you end up damp and cold
(04-17-2017, 03:11 AM)LMTLMT Wrote: [ -> ]Sleeping when its 35 degrees and lower I'm all covered up with sleeping bags and blankets.  However, my head, ears, face and sometime neck are pretty cold tho. . .
What do you guys use?

At 35º a stocking cap and wearing a loose turtleneck should be all you need.  But if you are sensitive to the cold, here is what I do, in order of cool to below zero:
  • Stocking cap and turtleneck pulled up around my neck.  My forehead reacts to wool so I use polypropylene bunting caps; very soft and loose feeling.
  • Cinch the sleeping bag around my neck and wear a the stocking cap.  The hood of the sleeping bag can get annoying if you toss and turn a lot.
  • Cinch the hood of the sleeping bag around your head.  Turn the bag with you when you turn.
  • Cinch the hood down tight so only your nose sticks out.  Takes a little practice to learn to do without turning in the bag.  Nose will probably get cold, I guess I have gotten used to it.
  • If a cold nose bothers me I put a small polypropylene throw over my head.  Basically making a tiny tent to breathe into and warm up.

I hadn't thought of a hooded sweatshirt.  It should work, and if big enough you could cinch it down so only your nose and mouth are sticking out.
I don't like the tight feel of a balaclava when sleeping, although I do wear one during the day if it is cold enough.  I have one that I can add a gorilla mask to (covers face from below eyes to throat).  It will be sopping wet (usually frozen) around nose and mouth by the end of the day.
Unless it is hot out, I wear my clothes to bed at night, including a zip turtleneck when cold out.  Adjusting the turtleneck usually can keep my neck warm in all but the coldest weather.
Don't breathe into your blankets or sleeping bag (especially down) unless you can dry them out before the next night.

 -- Spiff
I have tried a few different things. The one that works best is the hooded sweatshirt. It's better than pulling the mummy bag over your head because it allows a bit more flexibility of movement and actually it isn't as hot as the mummy bag on your head, which is a good thing. As bad as being too cold while sleeping is being too hot. That'll wake me up as well. I just put the hood on and tie the drawstring until I have a small porthole in the front. If I'm not concerned about light in the morning, the porthole is a little bigger. If I am concerned about light, I can make the porthole a little smaller and the hood doubles as a sleeping mask.

Overall, it doesn't fall off, it doesn't get too hot, it just works.

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