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Full Version: Looking for camping on Texas Gulf Coast
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I'm  going back east to take care of my mom and I'd like to drive along the Texas Gulf Coast to do some of their beach camping. I've read about it many times but never been there.

I'm doing a series of videos on super cheap places you can camp year-around (or nearly year-around) and be legal. So far I have these places

  1. Slab-city--free
  2. Quechen Indian Land--$80 a year
  3. New Mexico State Parks pass $225 per year
  4. LTVA $180 for the winter and $350 for summer
  5. Coyote Howls --$550 per year
  6. Dispersed camping--free but must move every 14 days or so
It's my understanding that there is no enforcement or cost at some of the beaches on the Texas Gulf, so my question is, can you stay there year around for free? If not, how long can you stay there? 

I'd love to hear from those of you who have stayed there. Where should I go, when should I go, special problems? Any enforcement? How long did you stay? How long can you stay?

Amy other ideas!
1. Magnolia Beach near Port Lavaca
2. Texas State Parks Pass (may have to give texas address)- $70/year
Bob, one of the most beautiful places I've stayed on my trip was Cameron, Louisiana - right across the Ferry ($1) from Port Arthur. Parked 40 feet from the water line - beautiful and desolate.  I stayed in January. Free all year. They have porta potties but nothing else.  Just 1 other car camper in the week I was there. Todd had the run of the beach the whole time. Night was pitch dark with just the lights from the oil rigs off in the gulf and the sound of the coyotes from across the prairies. Pretty magical and just talking about it makes me want to head back down right now. Never heard about a limit.
Yes on Magnolia beach, they have free/clean showers/bathrooms, can't say on max time only done weekends. free camping at the jetties Port Aransas and further south Padre where if I remember was 14 days.

But the 1st 2 places are not as tranquil as you might like   Sad  The senior State park pass gets you 50 percent off, did not have to give address just proof of age ( DL so I guess that does include your address but not sure )

Here it is!26071&query=sitedetails

The one drawback was that I had to buy bottled water in town - no free water to be found. The lady at the convenience store says no one drinks the local water anyway.
Hi Bob, if you check out towards the end of my 2016 Captains Log and the beginnings of 2017 Captains Log....I spent almost 4 months traveling the Gulf coast, Florida to Texas. Feel free to PM me and I would gladly talk to you on the phone. Safe trip, enjoy
Can you give a link to the Captain's log you are speaking of please? I am in Tap-a-Talk on a phone so cannot search.
Thank you!