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Full Version: Need new led bulbs
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Somehow I can't find the dang thread I posted about a week ago on changing out my old bulbs for new ones.

Here it goes again sorta.

I have these bulbs:
[Image: 212a2ad1ee5cfac4d5070848fef88657.jpg]
[Image: 30c78e46d48f85a36ab171f815342519.jpg]

And I'd like to change all the ones in my camper for LEDs.

There were recommendations that I just can't find.. sorry to be a bother about the same thing again...
Here's your other thread:

Hope that helps!!
I don't know why the he'll I couldn't find it. Thanks!

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Here's the bulb that fits that fixture

But it's not a direct replacement...........YOUR fixture is (probably) wired to the 120 volt service using a would need to eliminate all that and rewire to your 12 volt system

Going from florescent tubes 9what you have) to LEDs will be a problem. Florescent fixtures have a thing called a ballast wired in. It's necessary for florescent tubes to work but but not for other types of lights. I think you'll need to replace the entire fixture, not just the bulb.
Oh boy. I have 18 bulbs to replace. Probably be cheaper to go with a whole new fixture. Thanks y'all.

Is there anything I should know if I replace the whole thing?

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I forget where I saw this but there are led strips you can cut to fit the light.

12 volt rewire required for operation , if you can find where the 120v wires connect to the breaker panel you can reuse the wires and just connect to 12 volts .
Rvpopeye. I don't think I can rewire. It's like math, I don't get it.

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There are lots-o-options and opinions................start with: what do you have ?

Are these on the 120 volt system ? are they switched ?

Are the fixtures cut-into the surface.........(requiring patching if replaced).........or are they mounted TO the surface ?

Do you have a 12 volt system on board and can you "do" some wiring modifications yourself ?


I'm in a Class C and these are on 12v. This is what they look like.

[Image: 4ccf05e988e7b53ecb1d68c040157460.jpg]

There are nine of them so 18 bulbs.

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