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Full Version: Hy-Tech Insulating Paints for Fiberglass High Top
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I just ordered the Hy-Tech Insulating Paint and the primer. Trish, the sales lady, said it would work great on the fiberglass top, so a gallon of primer and a gallon of the paint (I've forgotten the type, but will update when I get the email) is $79 plus shipping made it $117 and some change. Will be here Monday. Super stoked to be just painting on the insulation. I'm more than happy to be the guinea pig for this product!!

Hy-Tech Insulating Paints

I also posted this under my conversion thread, so no, you're not seeing double  Big Grin
following...  Smile I have Lizard Skin on my mind too.
I looked at that too, but too expensive for me! However, if I were going to spray paint my entire van, I might consider the Lizard Skin for the ease! I am lazier than I am poor, regretfully!
There's so many things to say about the ceramic paint additives, but unless you can cancel the order and get a refund, perhaps I'll keep them to myself... Wink
Please feel free to say them. That is exactly what this thread is for!! I am going to go ahead and use the product and will definitely post my results and findings!!
Here's a link to a previous discussion about "insulating" paints and additives. Note on page two that Sternwake used Hy-Tech and regrets it, thinking about stripping it off...
AbuelaLoca- using the stuff on the inside??? Sternwake used material on the outside (based on how I read the attached convo link)?
Using it on the inside would be even more is absolutely not insulation. It's about 1 mark above a marketing scam.
Interesting because reading the reviews (of course hy-tech's website) many are raving... I wish I could find reviews on amazon.
Other than reflecting some heat, I can't see how a paint could do anything, and putting it on the inside would mitigate any chances of it even being able to do that. Their website just screams infomercial quality scam.

My two cents, i'd add some real insulation.
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