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Full Version: Prepping Striped Floor-rust, holes and crack
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My van's cargo section has been mostly striped and I'm pleased to see there is no major rust damage, however I have about 25+ holes to plug, from brackets and wheelchair lift, and need to deal with some surface rust on the bed itself and in a few of the holes where bolts began to rust.  Also have a hairline crack on back of floor I probably can JB weld.

I read somewhere in this forum, but can't find now, how to deal with these issues and was hoping someone would give me some direction. What do I use as a sealant for the holes and what is best to clean off and stop rust from progressing? I don't think o need to grind it and don't have a grinder right now anyway.
you can try this

plug holes with silicone caulk, JB weld, put bolts in them, etc
I'm pretty sure there was some discussion of this in dr_nelson's build thread:

I'm not sure where else it was talked about, but I'm thinking it was and I'll need to find it myself pretty soon!
JB Weld by itself will not fix a crack. that link that Loca posted discusses it. don't use silicone nothing sticks to it not paint or even more silicone. highdesertranger
(05-15-2017, 08:17 AM)KatBalouE350 Wrote: [ -> ] Also have a hairline crack on back of floor I probably can JB weld.

Hairline the metal? Are you sure it's a crack or is it just a deep scratch in the metal? If it's a crack you need to:
A. Determine why it cracked and fix whatever caused the crack so it doesn't happen again or lead to more damage and....
B. Weld the cracked metal back together for proper strength/integrity.
Honestly after looking at it again it doesn't look like a crack, more like a metal lip, kinda like another piece of metal over a second piece? You got me. The pics I took don't show what I'm saying.