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Full Version: Squeaky styrofoam?
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I've seen talk of styro/polyiso panels squeaking, rubbing against the metal of the van while driving.  Has anyone here experienced this?
I was planning to use it between the ribs on the ceiling as well as on the floor, without gluing it down.  Now I'm having doubts.  I really don't want to listen to a thousand chipmunks while I'm going down the road.
I don't know about in insulation, but the squeaking of styrofoam coolers drives me batty.
I used mostly PolyIso which isn't nearly as squeaky as styrofoam but I did my best to ensure no bare foam was in contact with anything that might move independently of the foam. I mostly used Sikaflex 221 to accomplish this on the exposed foam edges. I got a couple 2" thick pieces of styro for free, so I did use them...they have foil faces though, so should prevent contact squeaks...
I put electrical tape on the corners that were touching the metal, and it stopped most of the squeaking. Get a friend to sit in back while you drive to help ya find the squeaky spots!
It seems to squeak mostly where it rubs against a hard surface, esp metal, for some reason.