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Full Version: Both High\Low Tsmps
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Hope someone can direct me on what is best to insulate or not insulate and if not where to ace Reclectix. It is only the 3rd week of May and I'm dealing with mid 90's and above already. I read Bob's explanation on heat barriers and proper use of Reflectix for high temps but still not sure which way I should go. I am mostly concerned with heat, however plan on eventually bringing in an air conditioner. About 4 months of the year is almost desert like heat and about 3 months is cold but only occasionally freezing. I can always add blankets on the walls for cold but my concern is, for now, protecting against heat. But also I want to keep cooling efforts down to a small roar if I add an AC before summer is over.

Do I just use Reflectix on walls or add to ceiling and floor and or use polyiso too?
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Since you are only concerned about heat, if you don't have air conditioning, use only Reflectix with an air gap. If you bring in an air conditioning, use it and the polyiso.
(05-23-2017, 07:26 PM)akrvbob Wrote: [ -> ]Without air conditioning, use only Reflectix with an air gap. If you bring in an air conditioning, use it and the polyiso.

On walls *and ceiling?
what Bob means, if you are only in a hot climate. at least that what I believe he means. highdesertranger
Thank you Bob for your reply! I have searched high and low on how to create an airspace for the Refectex to no avail. I did decide to do both Refectx and Polyiso. Do you think o should do both now, even though I do not have an AC unit yet, do I don't have to tear down paneling later?

So can you please direct me to the best way to create a airspace specific to van walls?
I just found this info
Should I glue bubble wrap on the metal wall first to create dead air space vs. just air space or should I not worry about it?
Yes, if you are only concerned about heat, then just Reflectix with an air space. If you are using an air conditioner, then include polyiso. I should have included some of the original post to clarify my answer.

Because this doesn't apply to me, I've never done it. Some people swear by the bubble wrap and I don't have an opinion. Another option is spray glue in 1 x 2 cleats and staple the reflectix to it.
A cleat is a great idea! Thanks Bob! What spray glue do you recommend?
Something that I use is hotglue. Its all I use to glue foam in my van. It drys quick ( in minutes), sticks to everything, doesnt stink up my van. Harbor freight sells a good reliable hotglue gun for 20 dollars and the gluesticks you need.

When installing the foam I cut into small pieces and glue then one by one. The reason to do it this way because the glue drys quickly.  I got foam I hotglued on my roof, that 3 years later is still on there tight.

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